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Sending my level 3 female Starly to 134 as a gift. Stats below.

Spoiler: show
Name: Falchion.
Species: Starly.
Gender: Female.
Level: 3.
Obtained: Egg House.
Pokeball: Premier Ball (1/50)
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Reckless.
Nature: Unknown.
Contest Stats: 0 all
Hold Item: None.
Evolutionary Line: Starly > Staravia (level 14) > Staraptor (level 34)


Level: Tackle, Growl.
Egg: Roost, Detect, Revenge, Foresight, Steel Wing, Feather Dance.
Machine: Round, Toxic, Hidden Power (Rock), Sunny Day, Protect, Rain Dance, Roost, Frustration, Return, Facade, Rest, Attract, Thief, Echoed Voice, Swagger, Sleep Talk, U-Turn, Substitute, Secret Power, Confide.
Tutor: None.

*Trade initiated*
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