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Deoxys: As you walked through the entrance of the old building, the booming rumbles of the distant thunder set a gloomy atmosphere to accommodate the darkness. That was one of the first things you noticed - the darkness surrounding you was unnatural, almost entirely encompassing ... and yet, strangely, your sight seemed hardly impaired. You could make out the details of a rather grandiose reception area - fitting for such a highly regarded governmental building, and the traces of the corruption you had heard of were still scattered here and there. At least, those bolted down well enough for the two warring gangs to have not already made off with.

A flash of lightning chases away the darkness for a brief moment, illuminating the surroundings and revealing a number of exits to the room. Before you can approach any though, a blood curdling scream echoes around the area. There didn't seem to be any one source to the abrupt noise - if anything, it echoed all around you, assaulting your ears. Without warning, a figure staggered from one of the corridors leading off from the lobby, a young woman who couldn't be much younger than yourself. Dressed in typical office attire - a white blouse and black trousers - she staggered forwards, her footsteps clearly uneasy and forced. It begins to become painfully evident that she was in no fit condition. Her brown hair was tussled awkwardly and her face had a number of cuts, but much more alarming was the distinct red pattern spreading across her blouse. A blood red pattern. Before she can reach you, all strength leaves her body, her figure crumpling like a rag doll and revealing a large knife protruding from her back. Rushing to her, your head begins to hurt with every step, and a strange fog clouds your eyes. A sound crackling like static on an old television set fills your ears, and for the briefest of seconds your vision drops completely. As it returns, there is one thing glaringly wrong.

The body was gone. Whisked away in an instant, all trace of what had just occurred had vanished. All trace, that is, bar a small puddle of blood ... and crimson footsteps heading into one of the nearby corridors. Despite this, one more thing catches your attention. An eerie grinding noise emanated from another corridor, the sound ebbing in volume.
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