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The Doduo could hardly walk in alongside her trainer. She'd weave a few steps to the right, then a few steps to the left, making perhaps a couple of inches progress forward in the mean time. It was honestly depressing. Tate tried to be patient, but it was difficult, which might explain the odd-smelling cookie the bird keeper was nibbling.

If anyone asked, it was a Lava Cookie. Tate had never been to Hoenn.

"Ku, Kue, come on," the trainer groaned, nudging the large bird through the door with one hip. She was practically shoved towards the counter, the two heads snapping at each other violently. Tate gave the clerk an apologetic look and began filling out forms, before relinquishing the Doduo's ball.

It wasn't a very tearful goodbye, though Tate did kiss each one of the heads before leaving them to burden the staff of the Daycare.


Dropping off Kukuee, my Lv. 01 Doduo, for fifteen (15) weeks.

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