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Wobbuffet The Daycare Centre

The Daycare Centre

Do you need a small boost to get past that Gyarados? Do you want to be able to evolve that new Pokémon of yours? Is it perhaps that you just can’t seem to beat Whitney’s Miltank for some reason? Perhaps that’s because your dear Pokémon friends require a small power-up of some kind. Then look no further! Our facilities are top-notch, receiving 5 out of 5 possible Victini points every year from the government in every category with an overall satisfaction guarantee of 92%! But don’t take it from us, just ask these people:

Youngster Joey: “When I first started on my journey, my Rattata got beaten up by every kid from New Bark Town. Now though, thanks to the help of the people at the Daycare Centre, my Pokémon is the top percentage of Rattata. I still get beaten though.”

Fisherman Justin: “I used to only have 4 Magikarp that were too weak to evolve. I kept losing every battle because they only knew Splash. Thanks to the Daycare Centre, my Magikarp evolved into Gyarados. They won’t listen to me though because I don’t have enough Gym Badges.”

1. Once a week, you may drop off Pokémon to increase their levels. Drop offs can be done on Monday 12:00 AM GMT through Friday 11:59 PM GMT.
2. Once the Shop Owner has confirmed your drop off, your Pokémon will have gained the indicated levels at the end of the week (Sunday, 11:59 PM GMT).
3. You get 2 free levels a week. You may choose either two Pokémon to give one level each, or one Pokémon to give two levels to.
4. You may drop off a Pokémon for more than one week. For each week, the Pokémon will gain the appropriate amount of levels.
5. If posting a Pokémon’s nickname, please make sure to also note the species.

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