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OOC: Ok, let's see if I can juggle two people. RIP Neverthrive, you're stuck with me.



You ask Magus to scout ahead and try to detect anything that could be considered spooky. His assurance that he wouldn't be able to find anything was misplaced as his senses become bombarded with horrors...

Meanwhile, you go to calm down the angry raging athlete whose yelling had now woken the little boy up too. He glares at you, anger in his eyes.

"Take it down a notch? We're trapped, lady! Maybe instead of crying about your poor widdle head, you start trying to help me find a way out of here!"

With all the executive function of that one guy in every horror movie that tells the gang to split up, the athlete storms away from the group and enters one of the adjacent rooms. As he slams the doors shut, the light starts to flicker. How weird. And weirder still, you could swear that the door he walked through looked different a moment ago...

The woman with you sighs, shaking her head in a disappointed fashion.

"Don't mind Darren, Heather. He's always been a bit jumpy, remember? Too busy running to stop and think." She says. Typical, really. A man who's all talk but no w-wait. How did she know your name?

You have no time to ponder this, however, as a loud terrified yell comes from an adjacent room. Darren! He must have found something, but what?
What do you do?




Is there anything worse than false advertisement? You came to Bedlam Ridge hoping to meet fellow turtle enthusiasts and instead find a ruthless gang of bandits. They should really put that in the travel brochure so other people don't get fooled. Luckily, you've found a safer, less gang infested area of the City to explore. You make your way down the streets of Shanty Heights, your faithful Squirtle companion in tow. The people there keep a wary distance from you, having learned to distrust strangers entering their city after years of attacks from the Ribs and Shells. At least you weren't gonna get robbed or anything here, right? Right?

The streets start to empty as you travel futher through the city, and soon you find yourself being the only pedestrian out and about. Looks like you can breathe a little easier. Or maybe you should worry that the streets were too quiet - that someone could be lurking around the corner. Watching. Waiting...
A glimmer down the street catches your eye. You follow the glimmer to its source - an ornate turtleshell just standing there in the middle of the road, held aloft by two orange clasps. And if that wasn't surprising enough, coins seemed to be pouring out from each of it's holes. It was if the heart of the shell was filled with gold. You've stumbled upon a fortune, and nobody's around. Do you take the turtleshell or leave it?

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