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Ribcage Mall



It’s a flavor that’s pretty unmistakable. The sort of thing one doesn’t typically have to have consumed prior, to recognize. Michael, it seems, is a rare exception, as he happily eats away at the suspect ice treat, even as Princess throws hers into a nearby bush. Struggling to withhold his laughter, Houston offers his to Blue, but the Panpour has better instincts than you. Princess covers her face with one hand, unable to continue watching you eat pee, and smacks the popcicle out of your hand.

“Didn’t anyone tell you not to take shit from strangers?” She asks, as she takes Houston’s away and flings it into a nearby parking lot. She shoves her knit projects into a messenger bag hanging from one shoulder before it gets any wee on it, before waggling a finger at Ryan, looking unimpressed.

“Don’t feed my new lackey piss,” she complains.

“Excuse you,” he balks, indignant. “It was piss and sugar.”

While you’re busy registering the fact that you’ve been busy sucking on a frozen stick of -- presumably -- human wizz, the Ribs continue to argue amongst themselves. You hear something about ‘fudge’ pops but the world is sort of a blur with the knowledge that there’s been pee in your mouth, and you aren’t listening.

After a few minutes of dealing with that life-changing experience, you return to the land of the living to find that the conversation has shifted away from biohazardous treats to more serious topics.

“...Syd bailed,” Princess is saying. Though she’s maintaining a straight face, there’s a subtle sadness in her voice. It must be hard, you realize, to have your spouse leave everything you stand for, even if everything you stand for involves giving strangers pee to eat.

“Shit, really?” Ryan asks. His demeanor has changed, and he almost sounds solemn. It seems like they must have been friends. “That’s not like S.”

“Well, with the baby-” Houston interjects.

“Yeah, about that,” Ryan interrupts, reluctantly. “We all know that ain’t Syd’s...”

“Shut the fuck up, what do you know?” Princess snaps. She clutches her stomach defensively. There’s a beat of awkward silence, and then Houston is the one to continue.

“...we’re going after Syd, Ryan. We figure we can still catch up before the Marshals get involved.”

Ryan clicks his tongue against his teeth. He knows what Houston is getting at. Leaning on his elbows against the service counter, he sighs. “...fine,” he finally concedes. “Passenger door’s unlocked. Hop in.”

Looks like you’ve caught yourself a ride. It’ll make catching up to Syd a lot quicker, but are you willing to ride with a man who fed you his urine?

Shanty Heights


You’re quick to help, but not as quick as Cerno and Freighya. At first, the fire brigade -- and the home owners -- are concerned for the safety of the Pokémon, but after a few minutes, it appears they have things under control. The house is likely unsalvageable, but the extra securement does help in the process of searching for items to salvage.

Jeremy, meanwhile, considers the question. “We aren’t certain,” he admits. “But we think it’s gang related. We’re right in between Ribs and Shells territory, and they do a lot of awful things to the people here for a lot of awful reasons. It could be the Shells trying to extorts us, or the Ribs just looking for some kicks… we’d try to hunt them down, but right now we’re too busy just trying to keep the fires under control. If we can get enough hands fighting the fires, however, we might be able to allot some manpower to hunting down the culprits -- that would be ideal. Anyway -- you said you’re interested?! That would be great! It’s just about fifteen blocks due south. I can walk you there.”

“Can we come?” Mathilda asks, suddenly. Jeremy laughs.

“Sorry, kiddo,” he apologizes. “You and Sam ought to head home. Me and your new friend are going to go get some work done, okay?”

Mathilda seems sad, but she nods resolutely, and performs a Marshal’s salute to Jeremy, before turning to you. “Can I say goodbye to your Espeon?” She asks.

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