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Originally Posted by Emi View Post

Medmana - Please reply in deepskyblue!

You're cautious about taking the egg, worried that you might harm it, but to your surprise, it seems the egg is already starting to hatch. Or well, be eaten, depending on your perspective. The silk gradually begins to disappear as a figure appears inside of the air bubble. A spider with a green body and legs and a blue head appeared out of the egg, ironically also with a water bubble trapped around its head. Maybe there was just some worry about it not being born with one? Probably unlikely. It looks at you and chirps, obviously being quite charmed with the human in the pool with it.

You hear some kind of odd noise behind you, and quickly turn to look to see what it was. But the source of that noise is gone, and it seems that there are some other gifts now that you've hatched your egg. It seems that the Springtime Pyukumuku still has more to offer! He has left behind a series of gifts for you take!

In addition to your Level 1 Male Dewpider, you find: 1 Buginium or Waternium Z-Crystal, 1 Aurora Veil TM, 3 Easter Chocolate Candies (worth 1 Rare Candy), and a Brand-Name Bunny Suit. You look on the tag of the Brand-Name Bunny Suit to see what it does:

-This special outfit makes the user's healing moves heal 25% more HP and increases their jump height significantly! However, it seems anyone wearing this feels slightly silly, unless they're into this kind of clothing.

You take the gifts, the Dewpider following along happily, ending your adventure. Congrats! The Springtime Pyukumuku will see you next year! After replying to this post you may claim your reward.

Nadie was indeed right on the money with this one: the egg eventually began to sort of dissolve itself as the critter within made better use of its shell than most other newly-hatched pokemon. In fact, everything about the scenario was bizarre: the air bubble around the egg, the dissolution of its shell, and even even the almost-alien appearance of the pokemon itself. The air pocket that previously surrounded the egg now only surrounded it's head, with it's body dangling below in the water. It had six legs, as was common for Bug pokemon (as it evidently was), albeit in an usual arrangement: the three at the top of its torso had instinctively latched onto the sides of the air bubble, while the bottom trio worked on keeping it afloat. 'Air bubble' quickly proved to be the wrong term to use when the creature surfaced, since it stayed precisely where it was- rather, it had an orb of breathing air encased in a membrane of water, giving the vague appearance of an astronaut helmet.

"Woah, that's weird..." Ami couldn't help but utter as the baby swam cheerfully towards her. "Yet kinda cute!" She swam over to meet it in the middle of the pool so that both she get it as an individual, to get a feel for its personal nature... though Ami quickly realized how hard that was when she didn't know what the species was like as a whole. Still, it seemed to enjoy the bonding time as much as she did, so that was a plus.

The fun was interrupted by some sort of noise coming from the shore, but the source of it had fled by the time she looked up in its direction. In its stead stood a basket, filled to the brim with various goodies, including Bunny Suit and some sort of green crystal with a beetle-shaped emblem emblazoned within. "Guess this trip's just full of surprises..." the human said to no one in particular. "Was that Springtime Pyukumuku watching over me this whole time?" She took Chroma's pokedex out of her backpack as she gathered up her belongings and scanned her new little buddy with it.

"Dewpider, the Water Bubble Pokemon," droned the device as it showed an image of the typical member of the species. "It crawls onto the land in search of food. Its water bubble allows it to breathe and protects its soft head. This particular specimen is a male with the Water Bubble Ability"

Ami shook her head as she tucked the device away. "That wasn't particularly helpful, I guess. But hey, at least I have some more solid grounds for naming you. How about..." She thought for a moment, tossing ideas about in her mind. "Bell. That sounds like a good name to me!"

~ ~ ~

Bell, Lv. 1 male Dewpider
Buginium Z x1
Brand Name Bunny Suit x1
TM Aurora Veil x1
Easter Chocolate Candy x3

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