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Schala - Please reply in lightslategray!

You decide that the egg is probably too dangerous to take. Your Furfrou reacts rather unkindly to the potential threat, but you just make sure to look for eggs elsewhere. You carefully navigate the rocks, looking for somewhere else where the eggs might be hidden. You actually find one hidden among the rocks, just barely poking out. You have difficulty seeing it, so you shift some of the rocks out of the way to get a better look at it.

If you were crazy, you might have almost fought the egg was deliberately trying to remain hidden. The egg is relatively flat, with some purple effects around the eggs of its gray body. When you go to reach out to it, the egg almost seems to jump in the air. Of course it didn't though. It's an egg. Eggs don't move. Even the Springtime Pyukumuku knows this. Of course, this is ignoring the chasing the Pyukumuku had to do to get this egg. Pyukumuku are rather slow. Thankfully, so are eggs.

What will you do?

The next egg the pair stumbles upon is hidden in the rocks. Aegis is less thrilled to approach this one after the last one, but Schala convinces her to move close enough that she can move aside some of the rocks blocking her view of the egg.

The egg looks almost flat, and since it lacks any spines Schala deems it safe enough to touch. Aegis is less keen on that course of action and grabs her sleeve between her teeth to prevent her from reaching the egg, so Schala argues her case.

"Look, it doesn't have spines, and the colors don't quite match any Poison type I can think of. I sincerely doubt it'll poison me." Schala states to her companion.

The look Aegis gives her could be described as scathing. Probably because the Furfrou doesn't find things like 'doesn't quite match' and 'doubt it'll poison me' to be very compelling arguments. She doesn't let go.

"It's not poisonous." Schala tries again, with a little more firmness. "I've read about the of the Pokemon of Alola, and this definitely doesn't match any of the native poison types. Whatever it hatches into, the egg won't harm me."

A staring match ensues. Finally, Aegis releases her arm, but still looks rather doubtful. Or perhaps that look is more of a 'save me from dumb reckless trainers'. It can be hard to tell.

The argument settled, Schala reaches out to touch the egg and then--did it just jump?

Schala and Aegis both jump too, at the sudden movement, and Schala almost falls backwards. While her trainer flails a bit for balance, Aegis seems to be wavering between looking vindicated and worried.

"H-heh, energetic little thing, isn't it? Must be close to hatching or something." Schala tries to sound like she didn't just almost have a heart attack and fall into the rocks behind her. Judging by Aegis' look settling on 'worried' she wasn't successful.

Once her heartbeat returns to normal, Schala reaches out again, ignoring Aegis' grumble, this time prepared for the movement.

"I think this one is the winner." She says, as she goes to grasp it firmly so it can't jump out of her hands. "Let's head back."

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