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Patches (2/3) ~please post in yellow
Your Pikachu decided against taking the egg away from the man. After all, if it had managed to bestow such an amount of luck to its owner, it wouldn’t feel right to take it from him. You depart from the noisy crowd of the Harbour Market and head to a more remote location.

Hunger soon settles in and you briefly wish you had at least bought some of the delicious pastries from the merchant. No matter, as you recalled having made a few rice balls earlier that morning. You search your backpack only briefly as your Pikachu grabs your attention, having found something intriguing. Curious what she had found you approach her to get a good look. It is then that you realise you had found yourself at the shrines dedicated to the legendary Pokémon of the region; Solgaleo and Lunala. Two tall statues stood proudly in the midday sun and reflect off of the stone bodies. Not wanting to disrespect the deities, you offer one of your rice balls at a nearby shrine before you and Mio dig into your own. Mio however, found something else in the statue and tries to draw your attention to it again. You didn’t know what she was pointing to at first but after blocking the sun’s rays from your eyes your vision denotes a white speck lying within the Solgaleo’s mouth; a Springtime egg you realise. You and Mio climb up the front paw of the statue and scale the leg to get near the heads. Once the gaping jaw was close you notice strands of purple hair made a nest in which the egg rested so it couldn’t roll out.
After Patches finishes her food she looks up and notices that the rice ball she placed on the offering plate hadn’t even been touched. “Do you not like rice balls Solgaleo? Or is it that you aren’t hungry?”

She turned to Mio “Why do you think Solgaleo hasn’t eaten the rice ball? Do you think he’s shy because we’re here?”

Patches was worried that her apology gift wasn’t good enough, she knew it wasn’t much but had hoped Solgaleo would accept it all the same. Mio on the other hand sat there wondering how it was that she ended up with a trainer that seems to have zero common sense. Obviously, it’s because the thing is a statue but Mio knew there was no use trying to explain that to Patches. Once Mio finished eating she looked up at the statue and spotted something that appeared to be an egg resting inside of the statues mouth.

“PIII! Pi pi pi!!” Mio began frantically pointing at the statues mouth where the egg rested while getting Patches attention.

“Huh? What is it this time Mio?” Patches looks up to where Mio is pointing and noticed the mouth hanging open with a white object inside but didn’t think much of the object. “Oh, duh! You’re so smart Mio! Obviously, since Solgaleo is a statue that means that he can’t move his paws so I’ll just have to place the rice ball in his mouth for him!”

“Pika...?” Mio looks at Patches with pure disbelief. The fact that that was the conclusion Patches came to just puts her on a whole other level of lacking common sense than Mio had previously thought. However, if that thought is what will get Patches to go up there then she decided to just go along with it and gave a hesitant but firm nod.

“Alright! Don’t you worry Solgaleo! We’ll get you fed in no time!” Patches grabbed the rice ball off of the plate and began climbing up the leg of the statue. The climb was much easier than she had anticipated which was great because this way she could get him fed even faster. Once she reached the top she finally got a better look at the white object she had noticed earlier. “Oh! Is that one of those eggs we’ve been searching for!?”

“Pika!” Mio is so relieved they have found one and that this egg hunt is finally coming to an end she can hardly contain her excitement.

Patches gently places the rice ball in his mouth while being careful not to disturb the egg. “Wow! Congratulations Solgaleo! We’ve been searching for an egg all day and it looks like you’ve managed finding one for yourself! The fact that you found one makes me want to try even harder so that we can find one of our own!” She leaves the egg alone and begins to descend her way back down the statue.

“PIKACHU CHU CHUUU!!!!!” Mio begins to panic and starts pulling on Patches hand trying to guide her back up there. This was supposed to be the end of their search. She was sure this was the end! Where does her trainer think shes going!?

“Are you trying to tell me to take Solgaleo’s egg!? Mio. I thought you were better than that. Solgaleo worked hard to find that egg and it would practically be a crime to take it away from him. If he can find one then so can we! The next egg we see is definitely going to be ours!”

Mio is completely exasperated. Sometimes she wonders if she would be better off as the leader of this group. And so, they continue to search the area to find their very own special egg.
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