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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
Marshal's Headquarters (Marshals): Situated in the relatively stable north, the headquarters of the police force is a large compound with tight security, home to the Goldenridge Marshals in their fight to restore the name of Goldenridge to bedlam. The force has recently started a campaign against the Shells and Ribs, seeking to push them out of the city once and for all, and are willing to accept mercenary support from trainers willing to help out in the fight. The reinforced location seems to be more attractive to pokemon who enjoy a sense of justice and honour. Reply in Silver.
Sweat dripping from his brow, Jayson released a sigh of relief as he made his way through the outskirts of Bedlam city. His journey had been longer than expected and the lack of transport made him regret his heavy outfit. A dulled sword swung in the scabbard hanging from his left hip, his pack weighed heavy with the addition of the sharpened axe he carried. The straps of his pack rubbed uncomfortably against his leather pauldrons, he would have to consider a more comfortable setup for long distance travel when he had the opportunity. A shadow continued to circle around him, an upward glance revealed Atalanta, his new Rowlett companion flying overhead. She seemed to enjoy the trip, curious of her new surroundings and eager to stretch her wings.

Jayson wasn’t one to go into any situation blind, he had done some research on his destination during his journey. It seemed Bedlam city was a place of chaos and turmoil, two warring factions fighting for dominance while an overstretched police force did their best to protect the civilian population. It wasn’t a new experience for Jayson, he had dealt with similar situations before and found there was often plenty of work going for a man of his talents. Tough and not afraid of a fight, Jayson would look to earn some coin as a mercenary and in the process hopefully provide a bit of hope to the locals.

Although they were approaching the city from the north, that was meant to be relatively safe, Jayson wasn’t taking any chances. A quick whistle called Atalanta down from the skies, the Rowlett landed softly on Jayson’s left shoulder. She ruffles her feathers as she nuzzles up against his head, despite their short time together she had already become quite affectionate.

“Good girl Atalanta, keep your eyes peeled now”, Jayson reassured his companion, she would hopefully soon pick up on his habits. As he made his way through the streets, Jayson made sure to stand tall, rolling back his shoulders to display confidence and strength. His hand rested on the pommel of his sword as he made his way through the well-kept upper-class area. A few townspeople shoot him wary glances, perhaps mistaking him for a member of one of the local gangs. Jayson paid little attention to it however as continued to make his way towards the Marshal’s Headquarters. He was surprised how natural this section of the city seemed to be, the amount of plant life and magnificent gardens was unexpected.

Having navigated through the Crystal Grove, Jayson now found himself at the steps of the Marshal’s Headquarters. Entering through the doors, Jayson found the building to be alive with activity. Unsure who to approach about work, he decided just to throw the offer out.

“I hear there is work going for mercenaries with a sense of justice? I would happily offer my services, so long as they are rewarded with coin and a chance to help those in need.”

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