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And we're back! Onward to the amusement park!

EDIT: OH NO SWEEPER!! NO! NO!!! Friggin' Elekid!

EDIT 2: OK, time to take on Elesa.

EDIT 3: Doc has more than earned his place on the team. Elesa was no match for Dig and Secret Power, with STAB powering up the latter, and Soft Sand powering up the former. And Thunder Wave helped out against everything not named Zebstrika, too. And Doc just took those hits like the champ that he is. Bolt Badge get! :D

EDIT 4: Just got back from dinner. Driftveil City is the next stop, I believe.

EDIT 5: AAAAAH! NOOOOO! Oh my Arceus, that triple battle with Charles was a friggin' massacre! I just lost Autumn and Luna! D: Autumn got one-shot by Sigilyph's Air Cutter, and Luna died to Archen's Ancient Power.

EDIT 6: And the rebuilding commences. Waterwings the Ducklett has joined the team!

EDIT 7: For anyone who doubts the awesomeness of B2/W2, it is at this time I feel obligated to remind you all that the rival in this game actually punches a Team Plasma grunt.

EDIT 8: Spring the Deerling has joined the team, and she did not join us without a fight! Hoping this is a sign of her use in future battles, if I'm being honest.

EDIT 9: ...Well. We no longer have an Audino. RIP Doc... Stupid crit Crunch from stupid Rood's stupid Herdier...

EDIT 10: Well, we can't nickname it as it once belonged to N, but... well, Zorua's joined the team now.

EDIT 11: Skipped ahead to Chargestone Cave real quick, whereupon Machina II the Klink joined the team. Here's hoping this one lasts longer. And in the interest of making that happen, I got some training to do.

EDIT 12: Everything's all caught up in levels. Now to take on the Trainers around here!

EDIT 13: For fuck's sake! I keep spamming Screech against this Whirlipede and it's spamming Iron Defense! Oh, yeah, and Zorua and Salazar evolved.

EDIT 14: Onward to Driftveil Gym!



EDIT 17: Need I say it a third time? I think the Nuzlocke is about to end.

EDIT 18: Well, unless we can pull out some form of deus ex Machina II here, I think we can go ahead and call this one...

FINAL EDIT: Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great sorrow to inform you all that due to certain Ground/Steel-type circumstances, this Nuzlocke has come to a sad and abrupt end.



Yoink the Purrloin (It was his very first battle, against some Youngster's Patrat. Tackle scored a critical hit at the worst moment.)
Machina the Magnemite (You would think that the rain would allow a Magnemite and a Magby to fight on more even footing. You would think. Critical hit Ember.)
Luna the Herdier (Freaking Sigilyph... killed by a crit Psybeam.)
Three the Sandile (Note to self- Sandile do not take Air Cutters from Sigilyph especially well.)
Hugs the Trubbish (I didn't know Emolga gets Pursuit, OK?)
Bacon the Pignite (Stupid Watchog with stupid Confuse Ray getting stupid crits while I stupidly hurt myself in stupid confusion!)
Sweeper the Minccino (Elekid + Static + Electro Ball = Dead Minccino.)
Autumn the Leavanny (Sigilyph. STAB Air Cutter. Death.)
Luna the Swoobat (Archen. STAB Ancient Power. Death.)
Doc the Audino (Crit Crunch from Rood's Herdier...)
Spring the Spring Form Deerling (Crit Slash from Clay's Excadrill...)
Zoroark (OHKO'd by a Bulldoze from Clay's Excadrill...)
Waterwings the Ducklett (OHKO'd by a Rock Slide from- wait for it- Clay's Excadrill. Why was Waterwings so much slower than everything?!)
Salazar the Scolipede (Combination of Bulldoze and Rock Slide from- you guessed it- Clay's friggin' Excadrill.)
Machina II the Klink (lOHKO'd by Bulldoze. Take a wild friggin' guess who used it.)

Rattata/Zubat (Castelia Sewer- I actively tried to take down my rival's Dewott before anything else, but it was too strong, and I wound up losing a shot at either of them. Tried throwing a Great Ball at Rattata in desperation, and it didn't even shake.)
Pidove (Castelia City- encountered it along with a Petilil. KO'd the Petilil as I already had Autumn, but Pidove kept spamming Air Cutter, dealing good damage consistently, and also was being very stubborn about not staying in the balls I threw at it. Eventually decided to cut my losses and flee. I was not losing the Nuzlocke to a wild Pidove.)
Sandile (Route 4- Autumn got a critical hit with Cut.)
Sandile (Desert Resort- Luna got a critical hit with Air Cutter.)

My Shiny Pokémon (not up for trade, I don't do requests for Shiny banners or recolored Pokken artwork). FB team banners like the one above, however, those I do requests for.

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