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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
Ice Caverns – The c-c-c-colde-est p-p-pplace here. We don't know why the Springtime Pyukumuku hid its eggs here, but be careful around those corners. Patches of ice may surprise you and the last thing you'd want to is to fall and crack an egg. Please reply in paleturquoise.
Springtide Isle. It was the first time that Connor had heard such a place existed in the land of Fizzytopia. Then again, this was the first time in a long time that the photographer ever dared to venture out since the former government had stepped down, keeping to himself in a side job as a caretaker in a distant Pokemon Daycare. When news of the government's own restructure came to Connor and with an event to celebrate it, the young photographer instantly jumped to the call, wanting to scratch the itch of travelling for so long. And while many changes had occurred across the land...

"And we're here, the Volcanic Path!"

...Connor was still the same as ever.

"Ummm... Gaspard? Boo? Does something seem... off about this place?" Connor asked his two companions, the Aipom that was resting on his shoulder, and the Bibarel that was beside him. Both Pokemon knew of their trainer's directionally-challenged tendency and at this point, they basically had given up on Connor ever getting his directions right.

~Gaspard, should we tell him, or...?~

~Nah, let him be Boo. The guy's just in denial. Again. Besides, it's more fun to tease him this way!~ Connor may be his most beloved partner, but the little Aipom was not above teasing him in this regard.

"I mean, I-I'm no geographical expert or anything but... aren't volcanoes... you know, usually hot? This place is out destination, isn't it?" he continued, "You guys... agree with me, right Riiiight?"

~Eeyup. Totally in denial.~

"Gaspard, you're doing that stare again," the Aipom's eyes rolled at this while he chuckled. Over the years of his hiatus, through some unforeseen strange event, the photographer had begun to be able to perfectly understand his Pokemon. It doesn't help that now the Bibarel was also casting him a doubtful gaze as well.

"Oh no, not you too Boo! Okay fine, I get it, I got us lost again! Happy now, buddy?" the wayward photographer sighs in defeat as he examined the brochure he was given once more, "Let's see, if we're in a cold place right now then that means we're in... oh right here. The Icy Caverns," looking up from the brochure, Connor took a quick glance at the surroundings around them."Such a weird place for the Springtime Pyukumuku to hide eggs into, but stranger things have happened in this land I guess," Connor shrugged as he adjusted the oversized orange and blue-striped beanie on his head, the photographer stepped deeper into the cavern, not minding the cold as much from the usual person.

"So, they want us to find its eggs and let us keep one of them for ourselves huh? I'd honestly rather photograph the rumored Pyukumuku for myself, but I guess this is fine as well. Who knows? We could find it here along the way."

~Wait, you really believe that?~ the two Pokemon expressed their disbelief in finding the Pyukumuku here.

"Oh come on, that's precisely what it wants you to think Gaspard! Think about it, if you want to keep yourself hidden, wouldn't you want to go to where they are least likely to find you?" the photographer explains his reasoning, "...then again, it could be at just about any of the other unlikely areas listed here. Oh well, it's worth a shot!" While Gaspard was still not fully satisfied with his partner's explanation, Boo had pretty much been convinced by his logic and went along with it. In any case, the three had now begun their search of one of the eggs, and maybe the Pyukumuku itself.

Now if only Connor could get his directions right...


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