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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
So to clarify, we're now allowed to change our Pokémon's Abilities to their Hidden Abilities if we so choose?

On a similar note, what of Gengar? Will any pre-existing Gengar be allowed to keep Levitate or must every Gengar change its Ability to Cursed Body? Mine's going with Cursed Body either way, but I figured this was worth trying to clarify in any case.
First; yes

Second; I can't vouch for what anyone else thinks but as far as I'm concerned Gengar's Cursed Body is an ability change, not an ability addition. For that reason I think Gengar's ability Levitate should be changed to Cursed Body, but I don't know how everyone else would feel about that change.
Scrap that. We've talked and you can do what you want. Gengar has had both abilities at one point so you get to choose either.

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