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All Pokémon will gain moves they would have learnt from the gen7 level-up moveset. You do not lose previously learnt moves.

>Natures and Abilities.
You were free to declare this for a Pokémon whenever you felt like it and you can do ao now if you want to. You cannot however switch between natures and abilities at free will afterwards. The only exception to this is that members may now grant their Pokémon their HA as I think has been decided that they can be given to starter Pokémon and we want to relax the restrictions on this.

You do not need to link to these things any more. People hate linking, and you will only have to do this for your currency records and any transaction involving them.
As to how much they'll matter; mostly for battles I believe but other than that it's up to your updater how they let it influence. Feel free to be imaginative with them.
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