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Marshal's Headquarters (Marshals): Situated in the relatively stable north, the headquarters of the police force is a large compound with tight security, home to the Goldenridge Marshals in their fight to restore the name of Goldenridge to bedlam. The force has recently started a campaign against the Shells and Ribs, seeking to push them out of the city once and for all, and are willing to accept mercenary support from trainers willing to help out in the fight. The reinforced location seems to be more attractive to pokemon who enjoy a sense of justice and honour. Reply in Silver.

Sypher stood at a pin board, shuffling through a collage of "For Sale" signs and several "want-to-trade" ads offering ridiculously poor trades. "There's really only rubbage being posted anymore..." he sighed to Jill, the small bat-like creature perched atop it, "you'd think someone who might actually need some help out there." The Noibat look at him with a smile before beginning to swat at a page flapping in the wind off to the far right of the board. Sypher moved more pages aside finding one with a bit more umph.

Help Wanted:
Seeking Trainer to aid in clearing/relocating a Sitrus berry farm of a Caterpie infestation.

Reward: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Inquire: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Well, this will probably have to do. Not much to be gained from moving a bunch of Caterpie though" he said unenthusedly. He turned to the Noibat,who was desperately trying to remove the paper she had previously been swatting at, which now rested out just out of reach on the back of her wing. "How the ?" Sypher chuckled reaching over to remove the paper. "What you got here, huh?" Flipping the page over, he gave it a quick once over. "Help wanted... Town in state of turmoil... any skill level accepted... plan to partake in battles amongst other duties."

Sypher's eyes lit up. "This is it, the perfect way for you and me to get in some legitimate practice whilst helping the community. I bet we'll even get to punish some of those trade scammers in the process. Suicune for their Magicarp!" he mused thinking back to one of the other listing he had passed over. " Looks like we're headed down to old Goldenridge." Jill elated with news of travel took to the air circling around before picking a direction, fluttering out about 50 feet before returning and shrieking at Sypher, clearly impatient.

"What?" he retorted, now looking up at Jill, extending a finger in the opposite direction. "Goldenridge is that way." A bit of red flushed through Jill's face as she eased down to join Sypher as he began walking in the direction that he had motioned.

Several Days Later

Sypher and Jill arrived at the steps of the Headquarters. Entering they looked around for a receptionist or someone to talk to. "Hey, I found this notice on a board a few days out," Sypher said to a Marshall he pulled aside. "I'm here to apply for the positon, who do I need to see?"
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