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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post

Berry Tree Canopy – High up in the forest, the trees branches and vines entangle to shape a highrise structure. If one somehow managed to climb up here they'd be faced with tree hollows and berries galore, each with its distinct fragrance. Please reply in deeppink.
"W-where am I?" Those were the first words Voltaire heard himself speak, the Emolga slowly opening his eyes. Dazed...lost....confused. Those were just some of the emotions Voltaire felt as he managed to get up onto his feet.
The Emolga began to look around at his surroundings, but it left him even more confused. He seemed to be in some kind of forest? Had he been here before he had awoke? Where was his trainer for that matter? Surely Jake wouldn't have left him in a strange place such as this?

No, he remembered....his last memory! His trainer had sent him out, in order to battle a mighty Talonflame and Turtonator! He had managed to defeat the Talonflame, and was doing good damage to Turtonator when.....his memory suddenly ended. How had he managed to end up in such a place then? The battle hadn't taken place in a forest. The Sky Squirrel Pokemon knew he couldn't get any answers from just waiting around, he needed answers!

"It's like I've been sleeping since forever." Voltaire mused as he slowly began to walk. His whole body was aching, and he hadn't moved more then a few steps! Luckily, the Emolga didn't have to wait long before finding a clue! A colourful poster had been discarded near him, a Pokeball right beside it.
"What better way to celebrate spring then the Springtide Isle egg hunt?" Voltaire read aloud. "You can search for the exotic eggs left by the Springtime Pyukumuku, right here at Springtide Isle!"
"Springtide Isle? Is this where I am?" Voltaire questioned. It was then that the Emolga realized that he had been talking to himself the entire time! Deeply embarrassed, Voltaire opted to read the rest in his head.

"So...I just have to find an egg...and I get to keep strings attached?" Voltaire asked, once again talking to only himself. Though the Emolga had been disheartened upon learning he was on an island, Voltaire was now absolutely beaming.
"This is perfect! If I can snatch an egg, the Pokemon that hatches can help me get out of here! I'm sure Jake would be overjoyed to have another member join the team. Patches would surely be impressed by my exploits, and instantly want to go out with me!" Voltaire exclaimed, particularly happy about the last part.

Having decided on just what to do, the Emolga began to ponder his first move.
"If I were an egg....where would I be..." He muttered.
Of course! The logical place to look was up! Grabbing the Pokeball that had been left behind, Voltaire walked over to a nearby tree.
"Oh...I guess I can't climb a tree with this..can I? If I find an egg...I'll just bring it back here." Voltaire reassured himself, placing the ball at the base of the tree.
Cursing his lack of flight, Voltaire began to slowly climb his way up the tree, stopping on a branch every so often. The Emolga kept his eyes peeled for any eggs, hoping he wasn't missing any as he slowly climbed higher and higher.
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