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Capital ships is Star Wars Armada, another game. That game is a bit too pricey for me =x

Also, I completely disagree with your 'autism'. Mythbuster proved that fixed mounted weapons on a car can still be aimed at small targets like another driver's head when chasing despite the guns not being locked at the driver's head level. With enough practice, Adam Savage was able to fairly accurately hit a driver and also the car's tires. When you take into account that you can't fly the car up and down like a space ship, that really shows how easily you can aim when you do have true vertical control.

The bonus at range one is because you're more easily able to see and keep track of your target. Your ship needs smaller turns to adjust aim and thus easier to shoot at targets and a pilot can more confidently pull the trigger more often.

In-game, secondary weapons like equipped Cannons, Turrets, Missiles, and Torpedoes have ranges 2-3, rather than 1-3 due to "optimal firing range" flavor.

And if the game was movie accurate, all TIE fighters would be made of wet tissue paper.

Today was actually the final day of the X-Wing Miniatures World Championships held at Fantasy Flight Games HQ in Minnesota. Very exciting games with this year's champion going completely undefeated the entire tournament and also defeating last year's champion at the finals. Both finalists ran some rather unconventional squads that crushed the meta. If you're vaguely interested in watching some of the games, they are on Twitch (starts around the 1 hour 40 minute mark).

Youtube has 2016 Worlds Championship. 2015 World Championships is also interesting. Albeit the games are a bit difficult to fully understand without knowing the game rules.
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