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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
Missingno. Master – After disembarking from the Banette's Revenge and leaving Peeves to guard his prized vessel, Keith Masters and his trusty talking Meowth begin their search for an Alolan egg, after a brief discussion of Fizzytopian politics and the new Elite Four. It was true that there were only three of them, but who could deny the charm of “Elite Four” when speaking of the current leadership? Regardless of their number, they had provided an open invitation for trainers to travel to Springtide Isle for a festive egg hunt, and Keith was more than happy to answer the call in search of a new friend.

The beachfront stretches on for at least a mile, and yet the prospect of combing it seems entirely less daunting considering how warm and inviting the sands are, how gentle the breeze is, how blue and perfect the sky – not a cloud to be seen. The waves tumble softly over the sand, inviting the creatures of the coast to take a dive. Of course, Keith knows better than to jump in the water right away – especially when something unusual seems to be poking out of the sand directly in front of him. Indeed, had Keith not been looking at the right moment, the discovery might have utterly slipped passed him. At first, it appears like an egg-shaped mound of sand, sculpted as a ruse, but on closer inspection, it is indeed a perfectly camouflaged egg. There is something decidedly odd about it, and yet, it looks to be quite at home here.

Will you pick up the egg, or continue your search?
Keith couldn't help but smile as he walked the beach. Such a long stretch of sand, such beautiful weather... indeed, if Keith was any good at swimming, he might have been tempted to take a swim in the sea right then and there. But even if that were the case, he highly doubted what he sought would be found by doing so. No, it was on dry land he figured the Eggs would be at, and indeed, he spotted something right before him. At least, he thought so... "Huh," he frowned, examining what appeared to be a deceptively-shaped mound of sand. "Meowth... is this an Egg?"

"It might be," Meowth murmured, likewise eyeing the Egg. "Seems ta fit in real well wit da sand, though. I almost didn't see it."

"You and me both," Keith stated. "Hmm... I dunno," he shook his head. "I'm kinda curious, but at the same time... maybe we ought leave this one be, yeah?"

"Yer da boss," Meowth shrugged. "So, we gonna keep combin' da beach?"

"Nah," Keith shook his head. "Suppose there are more Eggs like that one, and maybe buried a little deeper? I don't want to not see one and step on it by accident. C'mon, let's keep moving," he stated, leading the way out towards...

Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
The Rocky Coast – Farther down the coast, the rocky terrain forms magnificent structures and caverns for hiding all manner of things. The eggs hidden here can be mistaken for small boulders. Please reply in lightslategray.
"Ahhh," Keith grinned as they approached the Rocky Coast. "Alright, Meowth, let's see what we can see, hmm?"

"Ehh, ya tink dis is a good spot?" Meowth asked.

"...I do, actually," Keith nodded. "I have a good feeling about this area. Now then, let's keep a sharp eye out for any more Eggs," he stated as he began to explore the Rocky Coast, keeping a sharp eye out for more Eggs. Meowth wasn't entirely convinced of the good feeling Keith had, but then, he couldn't say for sure that there was nothing to it, either, now could he? Either way, he kept an eye out as well, wondering what sort of Egg they'd find next.

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