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"Greetings, sir, and welcome! How can we help you today?" The attending officer was prompt in recieving Duke with a warm yet practiced smile. It was all part of protocol. He found it a bit strange considering the purpose of the institution was to formalize the breaking of an established relationship between trainer and Pokémon. What was there then to be so jovial about? Then again, perhaps it was needed, in order to help soften the loss.

Narrowing his eyes, Duke takes a second to read the officer's name tag before stating his business. "Hey there... Margarette... ah, I am Balmund of Blackthorn City, and I just want to formalize the releasing of some of my Pokémon. I will not disclose my reasons as they are personal, but I will say that these Pokémon are no longer under my guardianship and have been released into the wilds of Volcanic Mountain. They are: Kurthnaga the Aerodactyl, Durandal the Salamence, Seath the Dratini, Zelgius the Scizor, Narsil the Gabite, Fa the Dunsparce, and Solaire the Larvesta. Vega the Arbok has also been released back on his native home at the Arcane Realm's forest. I bring along all the relevant paperwork and can certify that they were all in good health prior to their release and pose no threat to the local ecosystem."

"Very well sir, we'll take care of the proceedings from here and will remain in touch should we have any further questions. Is there anything else we can help you with?"

"Not at all," he paused as he returned the smile, "thanks."


Dropping the following from my roster:
Lv.62 Aerodactyl (M)
Lv.100 Salamence (M)
Lv.22 Dratini (M)
Lv.72 Arbok (M)
Lv.41 Scizor (M)
Lv.34 Gabite (M)
Lv.22 Dunsparce (F)
Lv.32 Larvesta (M)


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