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This is my autism speaking, but the X-Wing wouldn't have the same firing arc as the Tie Fighter. X-Wing cannons were rigid and had a slight incline toward the ship's nose, so they could fire at a target directly in front of them. As a result, the X-Wing had the best range when it was modestly distant from the target (i.e., Range 2).

Yeah, the X-Wing could obliterate something at point blank range (as anything could) but the location of the laser cannons created some massive blind spots, not just on the horizontal plane but 360 degrees from top to bottom as well. It needed four cannons just to cover an area of three dimensional space in front of the spacecraft.

Tie Fighters, unlike Interceptors or Bombers, actually had the best laser system in that they could target ships on a different plane from the one they were traveling. Interceptors gave up this ability to pursue and lock on targets by allowing them to hit harder and faster. Bombers carried heavy rocket launchers, preventing them from using the Tie Fighter's laser system.

Vader's Tie Advanced X-1 used the Tie Fighter's laser system, but the later Tie Advanced opted for the Interceptor's model to accommodate concussion missle launchers. Only until the Tie Defender do you see the Tie Fighter's lasers return to a Sienar design, and in two sets along with a set of ion cannons.


Anyway, the miniature stuff looks interesting and I can see the D&D comparisons. Unfortunately, the dogfighting aspect of Star Wars is the least interesting part to me of the spaceship part of the IP. I mean, I would totally prefer dogfighting to Jedi v. Sith, but I would rather prefer the tactical capital ship/starfighter style commander gameplay, especially in 3D, to the dogfighting.
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