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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
Harborside Market – A bustling gathering of shops and merchant stands of all kinds. Food vendors, souvenir shops... The shopkeepers will happily let you go through their merchandise to search for eggs, but no stealing items, lest you incur the wrath of the Springtime Pyukumuku... and the police. Please reply in pink.
"Wow! Just wow!! There are so many people! Look at all of these shops, Mio!!" Patches exclaimed excitedly to the Pikachu on her shoulder. She had never seen so many different shops and people in one place before. She knew she needed to look at everything but it was so hard to pick just one place to start. After much deliberation she finally walked up to her first shop and began carefully moving the merchandise around with one goal in mind.

"Alright, so today is definitely the day of the egg hunt we heard about! So we need to focus and be- OH MY!! Is that an Alolan Raichu keychain!?! Oh how CUTE is that!! Is this what you're going to look like when you evolve Mio? Wait, are you even Alolan...? Um, Mio?" She realized her partner was no longer on her shoulder. Next thing she knew Mio was in front of her prying the keychain out of her hand. "Pika pika!!!" she was clearly a little aggravated and pointed at a flyer detailing the egg hunt event that was posted nearby.

"Oh, Right! We don't have time to window shop! We have an egg to find! ... Oh look Mio! That vendor is selling Rowlet shaped pastries! We just have to check it out!" Patches seemed to find herself distracted yet again. Mio just sighed and once again redirected her owners attention back to their objective, it was clear that this was going to be a long day indeed.

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