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Name: Sypher Durant

Starter: Jill the Female Noibat (Ability: Infiltrator, EM: Water Pulse)


Spoiler: show
Well traveled even before he turned 12, Sypher was born to a family of trainers. His father, a Laverre-born Fairy type specialist and his mother, a Blackthorn-born Dragon specialist, made quite the interesting duo given their opposing styles. Together they moved from region to region, each taking part in the region tournaments. Neither would make it to the past the top 4 until they faced each other as the finalists in Hoenn's Ever Grande Conference.

Afterwards the family returned to Laverre City to visit and vacation with his father's family. Arriving via the nearby port, they could see the Pokeball factory off in the distance. Traveling eastward to the town along a forested path connecting the port and city, Sypher stumbled upon a lavender egg patterned with multiple purple rings each topped with a spike and harboring a smaller circle within. Taking the egg after determining it was abandoned, Sypher's parents knowing the species of the egg tasked him with nurturing for the egg.

As weeks passed and their stay was coming to a close, the egg showed little sign of hatching. Packing up their belonging and saying farewell to friends and family scattered through the town, the Durants made their way back along the path where they found the egg. The sky grew darker as they walked, the clouds casting ever larger shadows. Then came a loud screech and a gust of wind. Covering their eye, they looked back up to see a Noivern waiting to pounce and another two perched upon trees to either side of the path.

Sypher's mother knowing they were here for the egg, yelled out trying to explain how they had come upon the egg and had cared for it. The trio of Noivern were unswayed and began charging their attacks. Seeing no way out Sypher's parents called out their Pokémon in defense, ordering counter attacks. Several feet back all that Sypher could see was the mixing of different colors of light as both parties readied themselves for what was to come. Then the multicolored swirl of light was drowned out by a sudden blinding lavender light as the egg hatched. The newborn Noibat flying forward to try and prevent the clash.

Noticing this the trio of Wyverns relented, letting the built charges dissipate into the air around them. The new born hovered over to the center drake, apparently the mother, confirming the human's story. The Noivern motioned to the other two, who flew off only to return moments later offering several berries as repatriations. Having given their apology, the trio prepared to leave with the leader squalling for the young Noibat to follow. However, it instead flew over to Sypher crying out its intention to stay with the human. Conferring with the other Noivern, the mother turned, offered its blessing and flew away.

Recalling their Pokémon, Sypher's parents walked over. His mother positively gleaming with the notion that he might follow in her footsteps, offered him a Pokéball as his father questioned for about a name. Thinking to himself, Sypher found that Jill was the perfect name for the little wyvern Pokémon. He offered the ball to Jill who joyously pecked at it and entered. He calling her back out such that she could fly along with the family as they ventured onward to the boat to leave.

As the family began the check-in process, Sypher spoke out. "I'm not going with you."

His parents looked at him confused but then the laughed having realized that he intended to set off on his own journey. They like the Noivern before them gave their blessing offering to pay for passage to which ever region that he intended to challenge and enough money to get him some standard supplies with plenty leftover.


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