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By her own approval, the Office of Reset Documentation had been built, christened, and opened to the public. For those who wished for a new lease on life, in whatever form that may take, the option would be given. For the first time, even the bond between starters and trainers could be broken, if circumstances required such a split. These were controversial edicts, but from Marion's position, necessary ones. Now, more than ever.

The weeks ahead would be difficult, but fruitful. There was still much to discuss, and many changes to implement. Shops would open; zones would be cleared for public exploration; worthy trainers would claim their own deserved positions of influence. Even in the midst of this chaos, registrations for trainer licenses had been opened. Marion's heart remained hopeful, her thoughts optimistic – but still, there was a weight yet to lift from her soul. Only now could she even begin to address it.

Unable to travel alone, a small gaggle of Pokemon follow the new Elite member – both those belonging to her and those following her as part of the Elite Guard. Though dissent had yet to be expressed in a violent way towards the current Elite, it was still expected that an entourage would follow wherever she went. The Dragonite flying beside her, sensing that weariness may already be setting in for her trainer, gently squeezes her shoulder, and gives a gentle, yet stern gaze – neither of them could falter. In time, Marion hoped that the fascination with her and the other Elites would wane, and the world's eye would turn away from them and their exploits to focus on what it needed to – what it always should have been – exploring the mad universe and fostering the growth of trainers and Pokemon.

Marion turns, and makes a motion for the others to wait at the door. She and the Dragonite enter the Office, and the trainer takes a deep breath. “No turning back, August,” she says softly to the Dragonite as they both step through the entryway.

“Oh, Miss Ette! My goodness, what an honor!” The attendant immediately bows, and Marion blushes profusely. August grunts in disapproval, and Marion regains her composure almost immediately.

“Thank you, sir. The pleasure is all mine – I am happy to see your office in full operations.” Marion pauses a moment, as August nods, encouraging her. “I am actually here to use your facilities myself; you see...” Marion opens her bag, pulling out some official-looking papers. “I recently received this letter from Lacunosa Town. My starter... er, you see, well...”

August shakes her head. So much for the confident and inspiring speeches Marion had spent days practicing – at the end of the day, she was still a quiet, socially awkward researcher doing her level best to play the role of leader, and though she may have been working hard to shed that persona, it would clearly take time. She gives her trainer a moment to recompose.

“...You must understand that this is a difficult time,” Marion finally says, sighing. “The tabloids made no secrets of Minerva's past. Surely, you heard...”

The attendant immediately looks conflicted over whether to admit to the Elite that the strange, often terrifying exploits of the Banette known as Minerva had, indeed, reached his ears. The Halloween incident certainly had made news long before Marion's bid for the Elite, and the years that followed only added to the mythos surrounding the Banette and her attempts at returning to humanity. He smiles on, hoping she will continue before he is forced to answer.

“...Well, the important thing is... Here. This documentation shows that, whatever it is that she's doing over there, she counts as being sufficiently human to warrant...”

Marion takes another deep breath, choking back emotion.

“ warrant removal of stater status and to be stripped from my roster.”

The attendant gives a sympathetic nod, and takes the paperwork. Far be it from him to question the Elite, despite the absolute strangeness of the request – the documentation appeared genuine enough. Lacunosa was an established city, and its seals were easily verified. An open-and-shut case.

“Very well, Miss Ette. We will see to it that your request is processed. Would you like to declare a new starter at this time?”

Marion shakes her head, now unable to hold back tears. August wraps an arm around her trainer. “I'm... I'm sorry. I cannot. I only hope... I only hope that, if this is what was holding her back... she can be free now. She can live that life she apparently wanted so badly.”

“I understand,” the attendant murmurs. He didn't. Not even remotely... but he, at least, understood that the woman standing before him must be in a great deal of pain, and it would not do to press her. With a grateful bow and a few more signatures, Marion leaves the Office with a single piece of paper. She could only guess as to how Minerva would take the news, but she could only hope it was the right decision. Now was not the time to think of her own selfish desires. Her sister, like everyone else, was counting on her.


((OOC: Dropping my starter, the Level 100 Banette, Minerva, from my roster.))

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