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Heather wondered who could possibly have known the location of her Secret Base-in-construction to send her this package, but she quickly found out that it would be the new League, sending her some much needed new supplies. Looking in the package, she found...

x1 Fishing Rod!
x5 Poke Balls!
x1 TM Return!
x3000 PokeDollars!
x4 Rare Candy!

Heather gazed quizzically at the last item, which was labeled "Ability Capsule+: for your starter!" Heather gave the item to Grace, who happily gulped it down.

Grace's Ability became Motor Drive, and she learned the MT move Electroweb!

"Generous new League we have, hmm?" Heather said, impressed with Grace's new display.

"You said it. Now let's go on that Egg Hunt!" Grace said, clambering aboard her Trainer's shoulder.
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