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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
Trainers, our search will take place in the temporary area known as Springtide Isle, whose areas are described below. If the egg you find does not suit you, you may search again, in the same area or by traveling into a different one, but you will have to place your previous egg back in its hiding spot. Remember - you will be able to search a maximum of three times, and you will only be able to take one egg home with you. The eggs have already been carefully tended and nurtured by the Springtime Pyukumuku, so hatching will occur as soon as a confirmation is made. Make your choices carefully, and be sure to have fun!


Beachfront – Whether buried in the sand, plunged into the ocean or hidden under a stray beach umbrella, the Springtime Pyukumuku's preferred landscape is a wonderful place to hide the eggs of Pokemon who feel at home in this idyllic environment of salt-sea breezes and warm sunshine. Please reply in mediumaquamarine.
Things were looking bright in the Fizzytopia region, both politically and meteorologically. Though things were still fairly chaotic all around- most, if not all shops were still closed, and the few that weren't were very restrictive in the services they were able to provide at the present time- the new leaders of the region were still getting stuff done, and at a better rate and to higher overall satisfaction than the Elite Four of old. And to top it all off... it was just a bright, sunny, beautiful day. The kind of day that puts a smile on any Sunflora's face, can get any Cherrim to open its petals wide, and puts a pronounced scowl on the pallid face of any vampire.

Indeed, basking in the wonder that was the present climate was Keith Masters, a 26-year-old Pokémon Trainer. Currently he stood at the helm of a large and impressive boat- the size and the wooden construction would make her easily mistakable for an old-time sailing ship, were it not for her complete lack of masts and sails. Instead, the Banette's Revenge sported a motor on her stern, beneath the blood-red lettering what spelled out her name.

A Dusknoir approached the helm. "Keith-" he began.

"Peeves," Keith interrupted, though with a grin. "When we're aboard the Revenge, I think you know what to call me by now."

Peeves rolled his eye, though gave a small, amused chuckle all the same. "...Right," he said. "We're coming up on Springtide Isle, Captain Masters," he reported.

Keith nodded, spotting the landmass coming up in the distance. "That we are, Peeves," he agreed. "All right!" he declared. "Peeves, make ready to let go the anchor!" he said.

"You got i- I mean, aye, captain," Peeves responded before floating off to do just that.

"So, wat's dis all about again?" Meowth asked Keith as he turned the wheel ever so carefully, so as to be able to pull up beside the nearest dock.

"We're going on an Egg hunt," Keith grinned. "Allegedly the Springtime Pyukumuku, whatever that is, hid a bunch of Eggs on this island. The new Elite Four-"

"Why do we keep callin' dem the Elite Four if deres' only three o' dem?" Meowth interrupted.

Keith shrugged. "Elite Three doesn't have that same ring to it," he replied. "But yeah- the new Elite Four's permitting each Trainer to pick just one Egg from this island to claim for their own. Apparently they're from the Alola region," he grinned. "So yeah- we could be in for a brand new friend, Meowth."

"I can dig dat," Meowth nodded. As they conversed, Peeves had let out the anchor, and was now tying the ship off, securing her to the dock. "Hey, looks like we's all set," he added.

"Right," Keith nodded. Once he'd disembarked his ship, he turned to his Dusknoir. "Alright, Peeves, I leave it to you to guard the ship," he added. "You got this?"

"Aye aye," Peeves nodded.

Keith nodded back. "Excellent," he stated. "We'll be back soon, hopefully with a new friend." With that said, and Meowth seated on his shoulder as per usual, Keith headed off towards the nearby beachfront. He knew not what he'd find, but he was feeling pretty optimistic about this whole thing.

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