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Trainer Name: Liawe Read

Starter Pokemon: Caeda the Skarmory (MT move: Icy Wind)

Background: Liawe was always a solitary girl, growing up in the dustbowl that was Lentimas Town. The town's sole feature (and the primary means of employment) was the single dusty airstrip that led from the town's western side, the skypath to places unknown. Usually Mistralton, but occasionally other places too. In the shadow of Reversal Mountain, Liawe often found herself weathering the extreme conditions to draw the native wildlife, of which she was surprisingly fond given their unique diversity. Eventually, the girl found a young Skarmory chick wandering around, the fledgeling clearly separated from its kind in the sandstorm. After helping to shelter the poor bird from the worst of the weather, the bird took a liking to her and followed her around, which eventually resulted in her obtaining a Poke Ball and catching the gleeful Skarmory. With her metallic friend by her side, Liawe set off by jet from the dusty airstrip of Lentimas for pastures anew in Fizzytopia, the lure of adventure proving too strong for the young artist and her feathered friend...


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