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Hattr the Scraggy (lvl 1 male)
Hidden Power: Default
Despite his mean appearance, Hattr actually grew up in a wealthy family and was spoiled rotten for most of his life. One day an unfortunate stock market crash that caused his family to go bankrupt. Out on his own for the first time in his life, Hattr found himself on the mean streets, struggling to keep out of trouble. It seemed his posh upbringing had left him exposed to darkness of the streets.
Signature Training: Mean Streets
Hattr is now neutral to Fairy but is now weak Psychic, instead of being immune. He also now takes neutral damage from Rock type moves and has forgotten how to use Poison Jab, Smack Down, Iron Tail and Low Kick.

Sneaze: Approved.

(added in the drop of Smack Down and Iron Tail)

Katr the Wigglytuff (lvl 6 female)
Hidden Power: Rock
Katr grew up in an alpine region, she worked on a Gogoat farm, helping to move the grazing Pokemon around the mountains. Her voice used to echo through the mountains, drawing in travelers from far and wide. However one day she accidentally triggered an avalanche, resulting in her master choosing to release her. She soon fell into my care and has since become a powerful battler, using her memory of her past to aid her in battle.
Signature Move: Scapegoat (Normal)
Using solid Normal energy, Katr surrounds herself with 4 small energy constructs resembling goats (1 red, 1 blue, 1 pink and 1 orange). When hit with an attack, a goat will reduce the attack's impact by a light amount, disappearing after it has. This technique may only be used twice per battle. The damage reduction takes place before the effectiveness calculation.

Sneaze: This needs to not be energy efficient. Rejected.

Forneinn the Drampa (lvl 4 male)
Hidden Power: Poison
After a playdate with Snorby's Drampa, Forneinn came home with a new trick up his sleeve. Although it turned out to be a double edged sword, while he gained a nice new trick, he has been a little too trigger happy with it and been destroying things left, right and center!
Special Attack: Grandpa Breath (PO)
Forneinn may now use Dragonbreath as a Poison attack three times per battle. This is ordered as "Grandpa Breath." Forneinn may no longer use Dragon Tail and Grass Knot.

Sneaze: If you want to change the name change it to directly reflect that it's using a new type. i.e. Toxic Breath is fine, Grandpa Breath is not due to being ambiguous. Rejected.

(Borrowed from Snorby with permission)

Ormr the Eelektross (lvl 6 male)
Hidden Power: Water
Ormr spent a long time living under the ice in a frozen lake. His body adapted to the cold and soon found that it offered a lot if one was able to harness its power. He trained with a pack of Walrein who taught him the ways of ice type pokemon.
Signature Training: Vanilla Ice Ice Baby
Ormr is now familiar with the ice type and has learned how to use ice fang and icy wind. His time under the ice resulted in him losing his entire rock type movepool as well as forgetting how to use superpower, power-up punch and gastro acid.

Sneaze: Approved.

(for reapproval, was approved before

Vordr the Aggron (lvl 6 male)@Aggronite
Hidden Power: Fairy
Vordr knew he had plenty of potential, he had watched Cibbir tear plebs apart with his own Mega Aggron on numerous occasions. If he was going to even come close to that amount of strength, he would need a niche play of his own. Losing his rock typing on evolution was a bit annoying, but he could work to circumvent that.
Signature Training: Steel Worker
Vordr can use Rock Tomb and Rock Slide as steel attacks, ordered as Steel Tomb/Slide and using Steel energy. He has forgotten how to use Superpower, Whirlpool, Fire Blast and Thunder.

Sneaze: Approved.

Tunga the Lickitung (lvl 4 male)
Hidden Power: Fairy
As you would expect from a lickitung, Tunga loves licking things. Even if it is meant to be friendly, he often puts people and Pokemon off by coating them in saliva, it really is quite gross.
Signature Move: Slobber Socker (Normal)
Tunga lashes out with his tongue, striking the opponent for considerable normal type damage, using considering normal energy. His tongue is so wet with saliva that it will gross any opponent out, with a 30% chance of causing the opponent to flinch. Tunga has forgotten how to use Blizzard, Fissure and Thunder.

Sneaze: Approved.

Tru the Cleffa (lvl 1 female)
Hidden Power: Default
I met Tru at the summit of Mt Moon while I watching a meteor shower with some friends. Tru was with a bunch of her species watching the same meteor shower when suddenly a small chunk of the space rock hit her in the head. I rushed her to the Pokemon Center and she was treated well but has always been a little odd since the event. However the impact seemed to trigger a new power within her, one that she has become adept at using for her own purposes.
Signature Move: Fairy Crush Meteor (Fairy)
Tru uses Major Fairy energy to create a small meteor-like energy construct which she fires at the opponent. The projectile slams into the opponent for Major Damage. She has forgotten how to use Iron Tail, Grass Knot and Fire Blast.

Sneaze: Super boring. Approved.

Sok the Pikachu (lvl 3 male)
Hidden Power:Grass
Sok grew up in the Kalos region, working in a powerplant with a family of Heliolisk. His adopted family taught him a handful of useful tricks which he has since put to good use.
Signature Training: Electric Expert
Sok has learnt how to use Parabolic Charge and Electrify. He has forgotten how to use Seismic Toss and Focus Blast.

Sneaze: Seismic Toss is barely drawback. Give up one of the coverage moves Pikachu actually cares about. Rejected.

Brandr the Kirlia (lvl 5 male)
Hidden Power: Flying
Aspiring to become the greatest warrior of all time, Brandr has travelled across the globe in search of powerful opponents and teachers. He has learnt much through his travels, but still has a long way to go before becoming the greatest warrior.
Signature Training: Art of War
Brandr has learnt how to use Meteor Mash and Water Shuriken with enough offtype energy for two uses of each. He has forgotten how to use Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Psyshock and Destiny Bond.

Sneaze: Literally the only moves that really matter there are Psyshock and Destiny Bond since Kirlia gets a fair bit of weird elemental crap. Drop either Will-o-Wisp or Icy Wind as well. Rejected.

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