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The government collapse and subsequent rebuilding were momentous events, ones that would be in the history books for generations to come.
So of course, Michael wasn't paying any attention to it as it happened.
He was too busy goofing off at work, playing with his Pokémon without a care for the world around him. So it came as quite a shock when he was sent a package from the government in the mail. Michael feared that he and his pokemon's history of accidentally causing property damage had caught up to them and that he was finally being chased up for fine payments, but his fears were allieviated by the lack of "URGENT, PLEASE RESPOND" on any of the letters. Well, that and the fact that there was a set of items posted with them. He rummaged through them quickly: A fishing rod (how had he not gotten one of these before? Oh right, he didn't know how to fish.), a TM for Return, some more Pokéballs, some more Rare Candies and a strange capsule that was labeled "for your starter only". Curious as to its function, Michael fed the capsule to Blue. The Panpour glowed as the capsule's effects kicked in. It dissolved almost as soon as he swallowed it, and the medicine within drew out a strength buried deep within Blue - so deep that he'd only been able to dream about it.
Picking up:
1x Fishing Rod
5x Pokeballs
4x Rare Candies
TM Return

*Blue gained its HA Torrent!*
*Blue learned MT Water Pledge!*
Feeding the 4 Rare Candies to Blue
*Blue grew from Level 21 to 25! Blue learned Scald and Taunt!*
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