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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
Crystal Grove.

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: You've been in worse situations than this, and under people far less willing to listen, so without missing much of a beat you relay your identity, which you're quick to notice raises the man's eyebrow, as though in recognition. Continuing, you explain Salazar's colouration and history, the Megapede conveying agreement to the Chespin and man. After a tense few seconds, the fellow puts hand to chin in thought, then speaks.

"Masters, hm...ah, right. I see, you do look familiar. Static Town's first Stunfisk Spelling Standoff? I was there watching when those idiot Rockets decided to show up. Kept out of sight though, not one for competitions of those sorts..." he quips, before turning his head towards the Decidueye. "You can let them go, Hawkeye, mistaken identity." The Arrow Quill pokemon breaks eye contact before waving its wing, as you feel the shackle around your leg dissipate, Salazar giving a few stomps to get feeling back in his.

"The name's Donovan. Travel around the place, but decided to stop here in the city when the Shells started to spread out more. The folks of the grove called on me to help stamp out any approach of the group, which I'm only too happy to do. A few other trainers banded together with me, we call ourselves the Vanguard. We get paid well, they don't ask questions, just want results, which suits us fine..." he pauses, giving you the impression his sense of justice is a little on the vigilante side of things, much like you and the Rockets.

"Anyways, the Chespin here's from the Marshals. Some guy offed his trainer a few months ago, he's been after them ever since as some sorta investigator. The guy in question goes by the Black Scarab, after the Scolipede they used in the murder, stained black as Darkrai." The Chespin nods, the resolute twinkle in his eye showing the determination to bring the killer to justice.

"Not much is known about the Scarab other than the black Scolipede and links to the Shells. We think he's some officer among them, possibly ex-Rocket given the rumours - sorry, fact - that some of the group reneged on their bosses and came here to try and rule the city as their own thing." Donovan spits, the man clearly not amused by the prospect of the Shells in the city.

"But anyways, enough about them, we should get you and your team down to Vanguard's outpost. That is, if you're up for investigating the Scarab. If not, then there's a job one of the nobles here had for us regarding some movement in the north."

With that said, Donovan stands with arms folded, waiting for your response, Hawkeye shrugging in response to Meowth's unamused glare, while the Chespin looks at you, as though requesting your support regarding the Scarab. What's your decision?
Keith could only do in this situation what he figured was the smart thing- tell the truth. Sometimes lying was the way to go, in direct spite of everything every decent parent ever teaches their kids, but in this case, the truth really did set him free. The man did indeed recognize Keith, though it wasn't from what he'd accomplished on Aduro Island- rather, he had been in Static Town when the Stunfisk Spelling Standoff took place, and witnessed Keith in action in said tournament. Possibly even witnessed Keith's triumph over Rocket Executive Jet, and Ariana's evolution into Garbodor. To Keith's immense relief, this all led up to the Decidueye letting up the Spirit Shackle, freeing Keith and Salazar from those ethereal confines.

The man introduced himself as Donovan, a man who traveled around but stopped in the city following the more widespread activities of the Shells. The locals sought his help, which he was happy to provide, along with a band of Pokémon Trainers. Keith noted that their particular brand of justice seemed to fall under the heading of vigilante, but then, who was he to protest this? He rarely, if ever, got the police involved if he and his Pokémon were capable of handling the situation.

Then came the explanation Keith had a shrewd suspicion was coming- the Black Scarab. The Chespin accompanying Donovan lost his Trainer several months ago at the hands of a murderous man, affiliated with the Shells in some way, known as the Black Scarab specifically because of his- Keith had fucking called it- black Scolipede. Donovan stated that the general opinion thus far was that the Black Scarab was some sort of higher-up among the Shells, and possibly a former member of Team Rocket, considering the Shells' origins. After this, Donovan offered to get Keith and his Pokémon down to the Vanguard's outpost, provided he was interested in investigating the Black Scarab. And it didn't take him especially long to work out whether he was or not. First off, he could just picture the look on Helena's face if he told her he had a chance to go after an ex-Rocket and passed it up. Second, this Black Scarab used a Poison-type in his crimes, further perpetuating a stereotype Keith so virulently despised- that Poison-types were evil, or at least best suited to Trainers with impure intentions. Neither of these were true, and Keith knew it, and made it a mission of his to ensure the world at large knew it as well. And third, this Black Scarab had killed the Chespin's Trainer. As far as Keith was concerned, Chespin deserved justice, and Keith, for one, was willing to help him get it.

"Lead the way to the outpost," Keith stated. "I'll help out however I can against this Black Scarab guy."

"Count me-owth in as well," Meowth added, shakily climbing back up to Keith's shoulder- the paralysis from the backfired Zap Cannon was still messing with him.

"Scoli!" Salazar nodded.

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