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Ever since the upheaval, Alex knew that the world would be changing for better or worse, so it was little surprise when he received a parcel in the mail along with a letter from the new Fizzytopian council regarding his tenure within the region. Within were a set of extra pokeballs, which made him chuckle as he eyed the still enormous stack he had purchased numerous seasons ago, though the extra candies were welcome. The rumours of the delicacies becoming rarer was of interest, as it meant he could begin to use his stockpile for the intended purpose, and he would be using them as rewards for training.

He found two TMs, but the damage done to the Frustration TM on being dropped meant it was now useless, so he placed the remaining Return TM to the side for future team development, and waved the fishing rod around finding it to be of high quality and strength. The big treat, however, was in the form of a memory berry and an odd capsule, intended exclusively for his starter pokemon. Handing the berry, the Infernape's calm and peaceful demeanour changed as he looked towards the recent member, the snoozing Ferroseed, and focused his mind and body to role play and replicate the iron barbs, hairs stiffening. With a nod, the ape looked at the capsule Alex was scrutinizing. This was a rare item indeed, capable of bringing out a pokemon's true hidden potential, and after a moment of consideration between the two, the fire starter nodded before grasping the capsule and crushing it in his hand, before the energy within quelled his blaze. Clenching his iron fists, Nothung was satisfied with the improvements.

OOC: Collecting the fishing rod, 5 pokeballs, 4 candies and TM Return.
Teaching my starter Infernape the MT move Role Play and changing his ability from Blaze to the Hidden Ability Iron Fist.
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