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Fizzytopia had been a state of organized chaos ever since the old masters of the land unceremoniously left their posts to do things of their own. Of course, the state of high alert the trainers had entered as they discussed among themselves about what to do with the sudden power void had deterred the crime organizations of the region from trying to pull anything, much to Dichromatia and Amicae's combined relief.

Not so long ago, three new folks had been elevated to the seats once held by the 'Deserting Kings', and they were already enacting policies for the betterment of their charges. Chroma smiled as she stepped into the Pokemon Centre, with Louise the mawile in tow. She may not have been helped o quite as much as some of the other trainers by the higher-ups' decision to extend the expanded Starter Pack tools to the trainers who began their travels under the previous rule, but she wasn't going to turn down free stuff. 'Especially not free stuff that could help catch food out in the wilderness,' She thought as she hefted her new fishing rod into the air. Louise huffed a bit, clearly a bit disappointed with her mistress' newfound potential obsession with such a mundane item, but offered no other sign as to her thoughts on the matter. At least, not until she started levitating. Amazing how much a difference flight can make on your mood!

~ ~ ~

*Obtained the Fishing Rod!*
*Obtained the Pokeballs (x5)!*
*Obtained the Rare Candies (x4)!*
*Obtained TM Frustration!*
*Louise learned MT Magnet Rise!*
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