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Keith smiled as he opened up the package he'd received in the mail. This new Elite Four was already inspiring a lot of confidence in him, far more than the old Elite Four ever could. There was now a difference in what was being offered to new Trainers, to give them more to start with. Moreover, they were even affording a service to old Trainers, enabling them a chance to get ahold of whatever they did not have the chance to get themselves when they were first starting out. It was a very generous offer, and Keith was quite willing to take them up on it, for one. As he admired his new Fishing Rod, as well as the Technical Machine for Return he'd acquired, and the small pile of Poké Balls and Rare Candies, Gemini and Mustard floated nearby, the Weezing comfortably digesting a delicious Memory Berry. This had also been included in the package, with the stipulation that only the recipient's very first Pokémon could make use of it. And make no mistake, the Weezing was every bit as willing to accept such an offer as their Trainer.

*Keith obtained the Fishing Rod!*

*Obtained 5 Poké Balls!*

*Obtained 4 Rare Candies!*

*Keith obtained TM27 Return!*

*Gemini and Mustard the Weezing learned the Egg move Curse!*

*Whoops! Weezing does not have a Hidden Ability!*
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