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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
With the recent lift on members I'd like to welcome Marion Ette, Gemini Spark and Sparkbeat, on top of MM and Tate's updates. So with all said and done, here we go.

Crimson Sanctum.

Gemini Spark
: Many had entered the once proud Goldenridge City, but few of these were ever pokemon in the guise of humans, but you were one of these. Having heard on the grapevine of the rise of the Shells in Bedlam Ridge and their connection to the source of your deepest grudges, you find yourself assuming the form of your once mortal body, completely inconspicuous to many people, with the single minded aim of vengeance. However, you weren't so foolish as to travel to their headquarters alone, as the presence of the Scizor by your side made it clear, a pokemon you personally had familiarity with before your untimely demise.

Having reached the Crimson Sanctum, you are quickly notified of why the Shells chose this particular location. The stunning architecture and imposing outline of the cathedral district made the location both awe inspiring and fear inducing, and with your Banette roots, you can practically taste the emotion and effort that went into constructing the building, every part of it to your liking. However, you weren't here for the buffet. Looking around, you can tell security in the place is extremely tight.

At the main entrance, six Shells stand, with their own vicious looking pokemon. On the roof, you can spot more Shells and their pokemon, Crobat circling the building silently, the presence truly putting the fort into fortification. Taking a moment or two to assess the situation, Chex gives a clack of the claws before motioning you to a shadowy figure standing just out of sight of the group. You are aware that the Shells are recruiting, and your way into the complex could be through there if your honour was that easily lain aside, but perhaps the figure, who beckoned at you with a finger, knew of a more covert entrance.

What will you do?
The massive cathedral in front of Michael may have at one point been used as a place of worship, but now it stands as a bastion for an up and coming crime organization, a stark contrast to its former role. Lots of thugs and their Pokemon were guarding the door as well as the roof, while a few Crobat flew around as aerial sentries making the building seem impenetrable. The easiest way inside would be to join their ranks, but Chex gnashed his claw to grab Michael's attention toward a mysterious person off to the side, outside of the thugs' line of sight, seemingly calling the pair towards them. Michael looked at his Scizor friend, then at the large group of Skulls and the Crobat above to make sure none of them were looking in their direction, before silently motioning the Bug-type to walk with him towards the person. Hopefully, they would be able to walk out of the middle of the road and stealth their way to the figure without drawing attention towards themselves...

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