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Stagga - Level 4 Male Winter Sawsbuck
Bio: "Welcome to the jungle, watch it bring you to your knees, knees, I wanna watch you bleed"
Stagga is a weird case when it comes to Sawsbuck as he's forever stuck in the amazing winter forme. Now, this means little when it comes to actually battling but Stagga is not one to ever be taken lightly as he will always charge in head first, never looking back when in a fight. He's the one who will pierce the heavens with his horns of almighty power which seem to glimmer as he shoves them violently into his oppo- Wait, that's a bit too gruesome, er, seeing him attack his opponent's with his amazing self-taught move is a feeling that'll leave you busted, Horn Buste(r)d.
Special Attack: Horn Buster (Grass/Normal)
For a High amount of energy, Stagga can coat his horns in Grass energy (if ordered as Grass!Horn Buster) or Normal energy (if ordered Normal!Horn Buster). Once his horns are coated with the selected energy, he stampedes toward his opponent and stabs them with his horns which causes a small explosion upon impact with the attack dealing Heavy damage. The majority of this explosion is purely aesthetic although the opponent will be left with a Crush Claw like effect where they were stabbed although this may only happen once per opponent. Stagga is unable to use Bounce or Shadow Ball in exchange for this move.

Sneaze: Approved.
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