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It's been 3,000 years...

I guess I'll use this thread as a starting point for a soft-reboot to dip my toes back into FB.

Member thread


Note: listed moveset information is extremely outdated and I will therefore be resetting all moves on all Pokemon in order to update to and align with their most current revisions

Retconning Blaziken to L1 Torchic and releasing to AC

Picking new starter - Mimikyu

edit: Mimikyu learned EM Curse! (totally forgot to do this whoops)



L5 M Mimikyu
L9 M Umbreon
L6 M Lombre
L7 M Phanpy (Shiny)
L19 M Spheal

The only item I have, and will be keeping, is a Halloween Master Ball. It was a reward from the '03/'04 Halloween event, and while it is not listed in my membership post, I spoke with Marion who confirmed she can personally vouch for this and will allow it to be reinstated in my inventory.

edit: Picking up a starter pack.


Updated information regarding starter (Torchic).

New registration thread is being worked on with all up-to-date information and will be posted soon.

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