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Dropping all items into the aether. Picking up a Starter Pack once the thread goes up.
Dropping all Pokemon into the AC at level 1 with moves wiped, the Pokemon consisting of
Graveler (M)
Lopunny (F)
Yanmega (M)
Banette (M)
Alomomola (M)
Silcoon (M)
Mienfoo (F)
Zubat (F)
Bouffalant (M)
Gligar (M)
Shuppet (F)
Paras (M)
Petilil (F)
Shinx (F)
Binacle (M)
Poochyena (F)
Starly (M)
Misdreavus (F)
Murkrow (F)
Aron (M)
Blue Flower Flabebe (F)
Pawniard (F)

Keeping my Woobat and making her my starter, deleveling her to Level 5 and wiping all moves.

Fuck these crabs
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