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Resetting information!

Dropping the following into the AC at level 1 with moves wiped;

Girafarig (F)
Krabby (M)
Meditite (F)
Makuhita (F)
Timburr (F)
Sawk (M)
Throh (M)
Paras (F)
Shroomish (M)
Cubchoo )F)
Stunky (F)
Croagunk (M)
Breloom (M)
Shuppet (M)
Snubbull (M)
Hitmonlee (M)
Litleo (M)

Picking up a "new" starter (reclassifying my existing Pancham as my starter) and retaining the same starter kit (Water), as well as my King's Rock. Every other item wiped.
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