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Memakyu & Emakiss

A pair of wooden plaques hang from Tate's bag, and they clack together with each step the trainer takes. The form a rhythmic sort of background music to each long journey. Etched into one is the crude image of a Mimikyu; on the other is an equally crude carving of a Togekiss. Both were polished to a shine, and together they represented desire.

Mimikyu, the Disguise Pokémon species.
Mimikyu disguise themselves as other species to hide their appearance, which is said to be so terrifying that people who see it die of shock. Common lore says that Mimikyu impersonate popular Pokémon out of a desire to make friends. Recently, the often-docile species has seen a growing popularity among hobbyist trainers, due to its endearing behavior and niche elemental typing.

Togekiss, the Jubilee Pokémon species.
Togekiss is the ultimate evolved form of the Togepi family. Emotionally sensitive, these rare species thrive only under kind and happy trainers. Occasionally, Togepi -- and the evolutionarily mature form, Togetic -- would appear in Goldenrod City during times of festival; these were always considered by the locals to be good omens.

Tate carried these as good luck charms. Often described as lonely, the Mimikyu represented a plea for lasting companionship from the all-too-often lonesome trainer. The Togekiss, meanwhile, represented joy and good fortune, both of which could be scarce at points in Tate's life.

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