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Cherrim Some Springtime-themed Announcements

Spring is in full bloom here in Fizzytopia. In keeping with the season's theme of new beginnings, the Adoption Center has risen from the proverbial ashes – under new management and accepting Pokemon in need of their own fresh new start, the shop will be accepting Dropoffs Only for the time being – we will be sure to let you know as soon as this changes.

Of course, starting one's life over is not limited to Pokemon in Fizzytopia – the Reset Documentation Thread has been introduced for those trainers looking to shed their previous identities, in whole or in part.

Finally, the opportunity for the very land to be reborn presents itself - the first round ZA/ZU applications and Zone submissions has been given the deadline of 10th May, 11:59 PM GMT - after which we will enter discussion and voting.

Rebirth, reform, redemption – whatever you seek, we at Fizzytopia hope that you find it in the coming days – and make some friends along the way.
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