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Round 14

Q: Look a distraction! *hides under desk*

S12: Very mature.

TT: Guys, I think Snorby fell asleep.

The first camera to turn on this round is that of Alakazam, who begins to tail an Onix chilling out on bottom of the mountain slope. After a moment a Hidden Power comes flying into view, breaking the Substitute of the large rock snake. Panning to view the aggressor, a Dugtrio can be spotted, which Onix promptly rushes and whips its tail into with a Body Slam. The blow is clearly painful, but thanks to Dugtrio's tunnel it's simply pushed underground instead of being pinned, and after a moment pops back up nearby to unleash an Earthquake, rocking the area. The camera pans out a bit to reveal the full scene, and neither Pokemon is looking particularly hot after the trade of blows.

S12: This just in. Substitute is a move that exists.

Q: Just in case anyone out there forgot.

TT: I really don't think anyone will ever forget so long as Grand Melees are a thing.

The Gardevoir camera pops back on to reveal the Raticate still attempting to get the prize item from the Marill. They're requesting proof of its claims, that someone aims to blow the mountain sky high again, and it has just the proof that it is a defender of the volcano it needs. Reaching into its maw it pulls out a shred of what appears to be a dark fabric. On closer inspection it's part of the charred remains of the Shuppet from earlier. Gruesome. The Marill huddle for a moment before handing over the item, which Raticate promptly grabs before slamming its paw down to press in the rounded shape as though it were some kind of button. Which it appears it is. The Marill, betrayed, all loose simultaneous Water Guns at the rat, leaving it to scurry off a bit, soaked but successful.

TT: Oh god not again.



The two camera 'mon teleport high above the volcano once more to survey the scene at the round's end. A Marowak and Aggron can be spotted inside, and when the cracking of the floor starts both make to quickly head to an exit, but are well and truly too far away, blasted to smithereens by the resulting eruption. The Aggron explodes into a burst of confetti, while the Marowak simply vanishes, having been a Substitute. A Gardevoir can be spotted on the rim of the volcano, and the resulting splashback from the eruption is anything but pleasant for the creature as burns cover its body.

TT: Ouch. I recommend aloe vera.

Q: No deaths? Boo.

S12: It would appear not, unfortunately.

Q: Welp... time to go back to peddling shirts...

TT: And surprisingly no KOs this round.

S12: What a waste of a button press.

Orders will be due in to both myself and Snorby by 6 PM EST on Thursday, May 4th. Please title your PMs as "Nickname - Gender Species - Round 15"
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