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Round 7: New Pokemon, just as boring.

And so with the battle reduced to a 2v2 in the smoldering ruins of a greenhouse, the referee reinitiates the combat, the challenger's balls yielding this time a thick pile of malcolored gloop and a dipshit. Also known as EK's Grimer, Qyburn and Alto's Slowpoke, who is as of yet nameless so I'll be referring to her as Dipshit from now on.
Spoiler: show
Grimer (Poison): Grimer are made up of poisonous substances made of liquid slime. Thus, toxic or polluted chemicals heal them instead of harm them. The same is true for poison attacks. Grimer can see in the dark. They are also very flexible, and can fit through gaps that most Pokémon of their size couldn't. Their bodies absorb physical blows, and physical projectiles, making all attacks in these manners 80% effective. However, as the slime is liquidized, they take slightly more damage from electric attacks.

[Poison]: Poison-type Pokémon are immune to poisoning. Their Poison-type attacks are slightly more likely to succeed in poisoning their targets than those used by other Pokémon and the effects will be slightly more potent. They also have an additional 10% chance to poison the target when using physical attacks with their most venomous appendages e.g. a Seviper's tail, a Nidoking's horn.

Slowpoke (Water/Psychic): Slowpoke have a slow reaction time and will experience a short delay when affected by pain or interrupting moves. They will generally take longer than usual to implement its orders and moves around quite slowly. However, this does not make them unintelligent. They have a high resistance to moves which affect their mental state such as Supersonic or Attract.

[Water]: Water-type Pokémon are generally able to hold their breath and/or breathe underwater. The time varies, from several rounds in the case of birds, mammals and reptiles to indefinitely for fish and squid like Pokémon. They are generally good swimmers, with fish excelling the most, and are better at manipulating Water for moves like Surf and Whirlpool than other Pokémon, using less energy to do so even outside of water. Their Surf and Whirlpool attacks do not lose potency when used without a water source.

[Psychic]: Psychic-type Pokémon are much more proficient with telekinesis than other Pokémon. Thus, they can use Psychic to move and manipulate targets with ease. Psychic type Pokémon are resistant to flinching, having higher levels of focus and concentration than other Pokémon. They are resistant to attacks which induce confusion or other mental effects. They have limited ability to read minds and are thus more adept at dodging attacks than might be expected and able to mitigate the effects of accuracy reducing attacks. This extends to GMs, where they will have a slightly better impression of Pokémon within their vicinity. Their Psychic support moves (such as Gravity and Magic Room) cost slightly less energy.

And so the battle resumes in the annihilated arena, with Dipshit starting affairs with a look of focus on her face, as she unleashes a torrent of rings, the Psywaves numbering a mighty seven in all as the give the toxic sludge heap an absolute rollicking! The Psychic assault can't last forever though, and no sooner has it ended than the Grimer can begin to recover, before he moves to the offensive and unleashes a thundering Zap Cannon that slams into the thick-as-shit Slowpoke, the Electric assault causing some serious delayed pain for the Water type, which is compounded by the paralysis that prevents it from doing, well, anything really. And then the Grimer pukes some Toxic sludge on it. Juuuuust what we needed, a dipshit drenched in bile. Wonderful. Dibs not cleaning that shit up.

Both sides got absolutely fucking train rekt, with both parties powering towards their second thirds, but with Dipstick slightly ahead. Slowpoke's badly poisoned and paralysed, while Qyburn's on under half Electric. Both are good for two.

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