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OOC: Well Heather, looks like you're stuck with me.



In an area as ominous as this, one would be wise to keep their wits about them and to trust nothing but their instincts. Nothing is ever as it seems. Perhaps you should have paid more attention to your Pokémon companions, perhaps you should have heeded their warnings. But you have no time to ponder such issues now. As you take your first step into the Bastion as the world falls away from under your feet and your vision goes dark. The last thing you register as you fall is a strange pain in your neck...
"...What the FUCK is going on here?! Where are we?!"
Loud, angry and panicked yelling wakes you from your slumber, and you rise to find yourself in an unfamiliar corridor. It seemed like something from the olden days - candles adorned the walls giving off faint light that mixed with the almost unnatural lighting from the crystalline light fixture that hung from the ceiling. Straight ahead of you were a set of stairs leading... who knows where, and there were doors either side of you too. And behind you was... nothing, just a wall. That was a cause for alarm.
The first thing you notice is that your two pokemon companions don't seem to be with you - though a quick rummage through your bag results in you finding them both safe inside their Pokéballs. Seems like they were returned to them by someone...
The second thing you notice is that you're not alone. Around you lie three other people in various states of waking. The first is a woman in a dumpy flowery dress, who seemed to look much older than you. She sat upright quite suddenly, muttering something about fire. Whoever she was, she looked pretty unstable. Beside her lay a small boy, who hadn't woken up yet. The child looked almost serene as he slept, his backwards facing cap sitting snugly upon his head as if it hadn't been moved at all. Lastly, behind you stood a young man - the source of the yelling you heard previously. He seemed to be around your age, dressed in a red vest-top and shorts. He also had sweatbands on every limb - was he an athlete? His loud demeanor was good enough to be one. The man banged on the wall a couple more times but it was all for naught - it wasn't going to budge. He gave the wall one last angry punch before resigning himself to the truth. Looks like you were trapped here. Locked in a strange house with a panicked group of people you've never met before... The only question you could ask yourself is...
What do you do?

As Heather took her first steps into the Bastion, her vision almost immediately went black. She had no time to step back out in panic, however, as her first foot forward sent her tumbling into the void of her own making. A sharp, stinging pain registers in her neck, eliciting a weak cry of pain from Heather. After that, nothing-her consciousness winked out entirely, swallowed up by the gaping abyss.

"...What the FUCK is going on here!? Where are we!?"

A loud, somewhat obnoxious boy's voice slowly brings Heather back to the realm of the waking by sending waves of pain through her head, causing her to sit up quickly, holding her forehead tightly as if this would assuage the sensation at all, despite knowing it wouldn't. Seeing neither Grace nor Magus present, she hastily rifled through her Bag, relieved to find the three Balls of her sole Pokémon and a vacant Fast Ball, as they should have been. Rifling deeper, she found a pair of orange pill bottles. Emptying the contents into her hands, she quickly took a count of them. Finding that all was in order, she replaced everything in her bag, tucking the pill bottles away towards the bottom. After that, she released Magus from her Ball, the Misdreavus clearly troubled as he took in his surroundings. They were in some manner of corridor, quite lavishly decorated with candles and a chandelier that gave off an incredibly odd vibe. A set of stairs straight ahead led off to some place, and doors led off to either side...and yet the source of the yelling came from behind here, where there was naught but a wall. The source was a young man, around Heather's age, with a red outfit and a garish amount of sweatbands. In other places around the corridor were an older woman in a flowery dress, and a younger boy who had yet to awaken.

What the...hell happened? Magus' voice came at last, the Misdreavus seeming quite confused. That certainly wasn't whoever was following us...Did you return me earlier? he added, seeming perplexed.

No, whoever it was returned Grace as well, though...and thankfully left the contents of my bag in order. If I'd lost anything, especially my pills, I don't know what I would have done. Heather thought back. Though Mr. Shouty Pants needs to calm down, my head is not in shape for this decibel level... she added.

I'll let you ask him about that, Arceus knows he doesn't need sudden voices in his head. Magus quipped, Heather nodding in agreement.

In the meantime, see if you can detect anything spooky behind those doors. Heather thought back.

Don't count on it. I didn't catch a whiff of whatever was behind the front door, anyway. Magus replied, Heather simply shaking her head before approaching the loud athlete person.

"Hey, uh, could you take it down a notch? My head kinda hurts right now, and the shouting is only making it worse..." she said, looking down and away. She wasn't very good at asking favors of people like this...
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