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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
(Maudlin, what did you do to the office. This doesn’t look anything like the place I remember? *Dead Ratatta says nothing*. What do you mean I should consider this place to be under new management?)

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The Park

Missingo Master: ~ See Update Batch #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12 and #13, and here’s #14:
Keith’s words coaxed you into showing your true strength, that which could only come from being a MissingNo. "Al-right, Ex-egg-u-tor head," you insulted the ghost boy. "You just messed with the wrong Ba-nette!"

The boy sneered at you, his eyes glowing a faint red. “Die!” he commanded. And as he said that, a table lifted itself up out of the mess of furniture before being forcefully flung towards you. But you were prepared for this. A jet of shining red that looked more like fire than water gunned from your mouth to push off the incoming attack.

“Inkay,” the boy said angrily. The Inkay shivered in its spot, and then laid still like a statue. “Attack!”

The table slowed down and fell back to the floor, but before you got a moment’s rest the Inkay pops up to your side and fires off another Psybeam. The attack connects and throws you off your balance, the pain stinging unlike a regular psychic attack should have. You pick yourself up, but just when you did another piece of furniture, a wardrobe, plummeted down on you. The wooden dresser splintered upon impact while crushing you against the room’s floor.

A battle against one Pokémon in a topsy-turvy world may have been tough but doable; two opponents was near impossible it seemed, even for a MissingNo, and it didn’t help that they had the type advantage thanks to the inverted type-scales. Nevertheless, you weren’t down for the count yet and you pick yourself up again. The Inkay charges towards you with another attack but you weren’t going to let it get the better of you this time. Right as it came close, you charge yourself with a veil of black aura and fly up out of the way of its attack. Your body soars up through the room, just barely missing the ghost boy in your path.

“You’re not going to leave,” his voice was menacing. Another, smaller table was lifted and thrown up towards you. You go into the second part of your attack; charged with the black aura you dive down with your Sky Attack, straight through the table as if it were nothing. The table splinters before you and you continue your rapid descent. The ghost boy dodges you. “Ha. You missed” but he wasn’t your target. Right below him, where you had left it, the Inkay stood idly by as you close in on it, before crashing into it with your body, the floor cracking beneath the force off of both of you.

You get off and back away, slightly panting. To your dismay, so did the Inkay though. Keith hadn’t rung in yet and so you were left to your own devices. The battle continued until…

(Updatee is free to write out how the rest of the battle proceeded, as long as it’s within the confines of what has been provided for the battle. The end result will have to be the same though; )

…you managed to give the ghost boy a critical hit, stunning him, and quickly thereafter delivering the final blow to the Inkay. By this point you were panting heavily, practically worn out from having to deal with two opponents at once. The Inkay collapses and the boy grunts at you.

The two vanish into thin air but his voice remains; “we’re not going to let you go. I’ll get back at you.” With the threats gone you could relax and did so by falling onto the ground. You could feel your consciousness waning. The battle had taken more out of you then you realized. Keith’s voice rings in from the walkie-talkie but you were too tired to pick it up. Your eyes slowly close but just before they do you notice the room changing colours; it was restoring itself from the Topsy-Turvy world.

Keith’s voice calls again; “Myrtl-“ and then dies as the last effect of Topsy Turvy was removed. You finally close your eyes for a well-deserved rest.

Myrtle is knocked out!

Your Carnivine indicated the tower, wondering whether it was a way out. You decide against it though, informing Fang that you had tried that same thing last time only to end up back where you were know. With the small amount of the strange rules in place here you decide that a different approach is most likely needed. Though you couldn’t attest whether it was safe to do so, inverted logic dictated you might have to sink instead of swim. Fang questions your idea briefly but goes along with it. Extending one vine, he wraps it around your waist before the two of you swim farther down into the sea of balls. With one hand gripped on the walkie-talkie you try to get back into contact with Myrtle. But no matter how hard you tried or called out to her, Myrtle didn’t respond.

It wasn’t long before you heard the faint giggle once more, the very same you heard the first time you were here. A bright light flashes before your eyes and dies down. “Don’t,” you hear a whisper. You go even depper, deeper still while you and Fang tried to stay closer. Deeper again, until finally the balls separated and made way for a large open space of blackness.

The two of you break the surface and you notice a surrounding that was very much like the one you saw before; pitch black sky dotted with neon-coloured constellations. The sea as it turned out had two surfaces opposite one another, but this wasn’t the most surprising thing to see.

“Ink ink!” the Inkay tries to distance itself from the two (is Dudley back in his ball?) of you.

The ghost girl gives a shriek out of surprise. “How’d you find me?” she was clearly astounded. “It doesn’t matter. You still have to catch us,” she jeered. “Inkay, go!”


While the two of you were still swimming, the Inkay closed in on you, a red energy forming at its beak as it prepared an attack.

What will Keith do?
Myrtle was more than ready for the forcefully flung flying furniture. She unzipped her mouth and unleashed Water Gun at the table, holding it at bay. At this, the boy commanded Inkay to attack while setting the table down. "Bring it," sneered Myrtle, just before getting slammed by a powerful Psybeam. This was followed by a wardrobe being dropped on her- the Inkay and ghost child still made for a powerful opposing team... but Myrtle did not let this deter her. Inkay started coming in for another attack, but Myrtle soared up to evade it, cloaked in an intense aura. The Banette cackled as she felt the energy she was putting into the Sky Attack- she almost felt like her old self whenever she used the move. Indeed, the aura almost seemed as though it was enveloping a huge L-shaped figure for a moment before Myrtle descended at great speeds... right past the ghost boy. He taunted Myrtle, saying she missed. "I was not ai-ming at you," Myrtle shot back, just before driving that very point home by ramming into Inkay. Myrtle backed off... and so did Inkay! The Sky Attack hadn't finished it off at all! Moreover, with Keith not checking in, Myrtle had no further orders... but it wasn't as though she needed him to keep giving orders in this battle. He had told her to fight them off as only a Missingno. could, and that's just what she planned to do. Water Gun and Sky Attack, while the best-known tools in a Missingno.'s arsenal, were by no means the only moves she had to work with when she was alive.

Inkay moved in for another attack, but Myrtle was not deterred in the slightest. She responded by unleashing a Thunder Wave at the oncoming Inkay, paralyzing it and slowing it to the point where she could dodge the incoming Tackle- inverted type matchups meant that far from being immune to Normal moves, now she'd be weak to them! She kept an eye on the boy as well, and thus was able to fire off another Water Gun to fend off another oncoming table, though this time Inkay was able to land a super effective Tackle attack. Grunting in pain and rage, Myrtle reacted in a most effective fashion- blasting Inkay with Psychic. While Inkay reeled from that, Myrtle wheeled around to face the ghost boy, and started to wave her cloth fingers back and forth. Metronome generally wasn't the most dependable move in any Pokémon's arsenal, be it Banette or Missingno. or something in between, but Myrtle was feeling daring. And indeed, the unpredictable maneuver paid off, for Myrtle was suddenly seized with the urge to Storm over to the ghost and Throw him to the floor. One wouldn't expect a Fighting move to work on something so incorporeal, but considering what she used to be, she knew better than most that sometimes logic as we humans know it simply doesn't apply.

The ghost boy was stunned from the critical hit, which left Myrtle free to focus on Inkay. The Dark/Psychic-type was charging up another Psybeam. "Oh, no, you don't!" Myrtle declared, before promptly charging up and firing off a full-force Hyper Beam attack. This was the straw that broke the Numel's back, but as Myrtle quickly realized, not just for Inkay. Both boy and Inkay vanished, albeit with the former's final threat lingering in the exhausted Banette's ears. The last thing she heard before passing out was Keith calling for her over the walkie-talkie. Well, that, and the walkie-talkie going dead, as the Topsy-Turvy effect started to fade. There was the faintest of smiles on the Banette's zipper mouth as she lost consciousness.

"Myrtle?" Keith spoke into the walkie-talkie. "Myrtle?! MYRTLE!!" Still no response. Keith was starting to panic somewhat by this point. "OK, calm down," he murmured to himself. "There must be a perfectly good reason why Myrtle's not responding- hey, maybe she won the battle," he said suddenly. "Yeah. Beat the Inkay, the Topsy-Turvy goes away, and that's all that's keeping the walkie-talkies working, isn't it?" he nodded, calming down somewhat.

"Carni vine?" Fang remarked, sounding utterly confused.

"It's a long story, Fang," Keith stated as they descended further and further into the, for lack of a less funny term, sea of balls. And then, a bright flash of light met Keith's eyes. "Gah! What-" Keith exclaimed, before hearing a faint, eerily familiar giggle, and the word "don't". Intrigued, both Keith and Fang descended even further down through the balls, until they emerged... at the bottom of the sea of balls was a surface not unlike the surface they had descended from, complete with night sky and neon constellations. And most importantly, there was the ghost girl and her Inkay. Both of them were quite unpleasantly surprised to see Keith and his Carnivine. The ghost girl stated that he still had to catch them, and ordered Inkay to attack. But this time, Keith felt confident. This time, he felt ready.

"Fang, get ready!" Keith ordered. "Use Razor Leaf right now, and follow up with Sludge Bomb! Then go for a Nature Power attack!" He gripped his walkie-talkie tightly, intent on checking in with Meowth at the first opportunity.

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