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Monster Guy: Cortoza hadn’t exactly been this hot when you started your trek towards the Ignatius River earlier in the day, but it certainly was now. With the sun beating down on you and the much lower humidity, it was like standing in front of an open oven. Even taking off your tank top hadn’t helped all that much, though that may be because you’re actually walking somewhere. At least your Munna isn’t tired out, floating along as she was while you tire yourself out on the trail. It doesn’t take much longer before you spot the river, thankfully, and the two of you hurry down to the water, splashing some over yourselves in an effort to cool down. It works, the water taking most of the heat of your walk away, and, now that you’ve cooled down some, you take a moment to look around.

You clearly aren’t the only people to make this your destination. You spot a pair of photographers upstream taking pictures of the landscape, and a trio of teenagers on the opposite bank, eating sandwiches and skipping rocks. Downstream, there’s a family of four splashing around in the river and another trainer taking a nap on the bank with an Umbreon curled up next to them. The sound of bird calls above you attracts your attention and you spot a Skarmory circling above your heads, the sun glinting off its feathers. It wheels around and heads inland, flapping hard, and leaves you feeling a bit…uneasy.

Several minutes later, shouting from somewhere upstream has people turning to see what’s happening, several of whom decide to go investigate. The family rounds up their children and retreats to dry land, both parents looking upstream with worry, while the teenagers and the other trainer immediately make their way towards the shouting. The photographers shift their weight and exchange glances, before beginning to pack their stuff away.

You’re just trying to decide whether to go investigate yourself when something in the river catches your eye. Something brown and lumpy is drifting down the river and no one else seems to have spotted it. Or, at least, no one seems to have decided that it’s anything worth investigating, as one of the photographer’s brief glance at it seems to indicate. The yelling upstream has only gotten louder, which is briefly broken by a thump and followed by louder yelling.

What will you do?

(Declared: Munna)
After taking a moment to cool down, Leo noticed that he wasn't the only one who chose to visit this river. There were photographsers snapping photos, there were a group of teenagers eating sandwiches and skipping rocks on the river, there was a family of four splashing around in the water, and finally, there was a trainer taking a nap by the river with his Umbreon. That certainly was an interesting place to take a nap for sure... But otherwise, it looked like any other scene by river that was a popular tourist destination.

"What did I tell you Shaana? Lots of people come out here!" Leo laughed out loud, when the sound of a bird squawking caught his attention. The young man looked up to see a Skarmory circling overhead, the sun glinting off its feathers, producing a glare. It spun around, and flew inland, flapping it's wings hard. This left Leo a bit nervous...

Several minutes later, a new noise got Leo's attention. This time, shouting from somewhere upstream. Several of the others gathered around the river got up to see what was going on. The family rounded up their kids and took off, while the teenagers, as well as the napping trainer made their way towards the shouting. The photographers looked like they were unsure of what to do, before packing up their stuff.

Leo immediately decided to join the investigation group, when his attention was caught yet again. This time, by something brown and lumpy is drifting down the river. None of the other people seemed to give it any mind, but Leo himself still wanted to know what it was. Meanwhile, the yelling upstream only got louder, then interupted by a thump and followed by louder yelling.

Leo rubbed his temples nervously. "Oh gosh, what to do, what to do..." It didn't take long for an answer to come to him. "That's it!" Leo took out Aaron's Pokeball, and let out the Horsea into the water. "Aaron, go check out what that thing floating down the river is. I'm gonna go check out what all this fuss is about!" Then, he ran off towards the source of the yelling.

(Declared: Munna, Horsea)
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