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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
The Ribcage Mall.

: After a period of consideration, you decide to follow your handedness and head to the left, after nudging Kakahai in the same direction to the protest of the Vaporeon. As you clamber through the metal, your mind begins to wander on the building and those within. Were the ones who created the marks petty thieves who would run at the sight of a big, mean pokemon? Were you wandering into a horrible cult who would cut the hearts out of those they captured? Was it you, or did you make a horrible mistake? You put these thoughts aside as they do nothing for your claustrophobia, preferring wide open spaces...

You inwardly groan, however, as you discover after the second right turn that the split in the duct was meaningless, as past the turn to the left at the end of the duct was a corner going right. The coo of the Pidove however drives your push as you and your starter head towards the sound, crawling through the ducts until you and Kakahai find yourselves outside the duct, the cooes of the Pidove barely audible over a cacophony of other noises. Climbing to your feet, you realise that you're actually in the mall itself proper, on a balcony section on the first floor above the ground floor.

Peering over the edge, you are taken aback slightly by the number of people in casual attire, with around thirty or so in the area you're in. Some of them are chatting, some are sparring with their pokemon, some are sparring with their own fists, and others are playing around on what appear to be arcade machines hauled from somewhere. One or two of the people around the place look in your direction and you physically freeze as they spot you, though fortunately they don't react in any way, as though you were just another member of their group, not even giving a wave or anything.

Having dodged a potential bullet or fifty, you step back and take a breath, before Kakahai gives you yet another whack for attention, and as you follow her gaze, you spot that familiar Pidove standing on a railing, thousand yard stare and coo once again grabbing your heartstrings. The bird is not overly far, and despite some weathering the pathway there seems sturdy. There is the concern of the fact that someone at least knows you're around, and there's no telling whether or not they will act in any way. What you do know is that the object of your affection is only thirty or so steps away. What's your plan?

The first thing Tate did was take a breath of (relative) fresh air that wasn't infused with Vaporeon butt. The second thing Tate did was shake out the wet clothes which -- by now -- were threatening to chafe sensitive skin. It didn't do much, except make a bit of noise and splatter water in a six inch diameter around the young vagrant.

"We should have gone with Limberman," Tate grunted, a bit sarcastically. Of course, whoever had been at the door hadn't been the Limberman -- that was obvious to Tate's rationa brain in hindsight -- and it would have been better to go inside the warm, dry building, instead of following a bird through a duct into god knows where. Who just follows a bird into a duct?1 Where even were they?!

Tate looked around. Then, Tate froze. They were inside the mall, in a balcony section above the ground floor, and the place was packed. Everyone had that same blue symbol on, and it looked like a rough crowd, too. A gang? Oh jeez, were they in gang territory? The city was in bad shape, but Tate wasn't prepared to deal with bangers. The Johto native was beginning to sweat when the realization struck that a few of the people down below were looking in their direction. Tate looked at them. They looked at Tate. Then, they kept walking.

"Shiiiiiit," Tate groaned. Did they think the naturalist was one of them? Tate looked down at the shopping wet clothes which clung to a slightly chubby frame, and something else dawned upon the poor fool: Tate's plaid shirt of a similar shade of blue as all the ciphers scrawled around the joint; not the same, but close. Maybe, if they didn't make a scene, Tate could just blend in.

"Let's just... play it cool... Kai- ow!"

Kai smacked her trainer in the calf with a thick, muscled tail. She'd been doing that a lot today, and there was bound to be a bruise at this rate. Looking up, it takes the weary and on-edge trainer a moment to spot what it is she intends to bring attention to: the Pidove, cooing away on a railing. Realistically, Tate should have said fuck it, turned around, got back into the vent, crowled back out of the mall, and gotten the hell out of dodge, but the two of them had come this far and Pidove were easily among the trainer's favorites; a true weakness.

Onward we go, into foolishness.

"Hi, cutie," Tate cooed, beginning to edge forward, towards the bird. Afraid of heights and afraid of gangs and afraid of getting murdered by heights and by gangs, Tate's steps were slow as the approach began. "What do you say we get out of here...?"

Spoiler: show

Teaching the following TMs to Kai, my Lv. 08 (F) Vaporeon:

TM Blizzard [1]
TM Ice Beam [1]
TM Scald [1]
TM Hidden Power (Ground) [1]
TM Rain Dance [1]

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