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(Maudlin, what did you do to the office. This doesn’t look anything like the place I remember? *Dead Ratatta says nothing*. What do you mean I should consider this place to be under new management?)

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The Park

Monster Guy: ~ See Update Batch #11, #12 and #13
"Shaana, use Hypnosis on him, quick..." you whisper to your partner. The Munna focusses and locks eyes with the woman’s assailant. A strange presence is felt in the room and you can hear the soft hypnotic chime emanating from your Pokémon’s mouth.

“Stay back!” the man shouted. “Or I’ll..I’ll..I’ll…” His voice trails off and his eyes slowly drop. His knife slips out of his slack hands and the woman quickly pushes herself away. Shortly thereafter the man gives a thud as his body drops to the floor in a snooze. The woman clutches her chest and gives a sigh of relief. “Thank the Elder Dragon.”

“Angela!” a voice shouts from up ahead. Two other men, clad in the same robed outfit as the woman you were with, ran up to you, with worried expressions leading them as they came close. Two smaller shadows emerge beside them and you recognise them to be two Pokémon;

The group closes in in a hurry and quickly exchange glances from the woman, to the knocked out man on the floor, to you, and finally back to the woman. “Angela, are you okay?” said one of them.

“What happened here?” asked the other.

“I’m fine,” she assures them, “thanks to this young man here and his Munna.” The two turn to you; the one with the Riolu by his side grabs your hand and shakes it (or bows if you don’t accept the handshake). “Thank you so much kind sir. The name’s Marcus.”

“I’m Francis,” the other extends his hand to you.

“What happened?” the woman now identified as Angela asks them.

“It’s another one of those poor, wretched souls,” says the man who introduced himself as Marcus. “ The ones who’ve turned mad.”

“He managed to escape,” said Francis, “we ran after him. We were afraid he might have gotten to you before we did.”

“I see,” she says reassuringly. “Still, I don’t understand why Father Desadayus would even want to bother with these unfortunate souls. Their minds are far gone and they’re a threat. If they want to go, we should be relieved that we’re getting rid of them.”

“You know Father Desadayus,” Marcus protested, “he has a soft and kind spirit. Too much so. He wants to help all those he can. It’s better than having to leave them on their own.”

She gives a small scoff of frustration. “It will be the death of him.” Her expression concedes. “Very well, I suppose it’s best we bring this man back before he wakes up.”

“What about him?” Francis looks at you.

“I think he’s another one of those lost souls who’ve come wandering in. I was about to bring him to Father Desadayus. I thought he might know what to do.”

“Oh yes!” both Marcus and Francis light up. “Father Desadayus will know exactly what to do. This hasn’t been the first time after all that this has happened.” They each grab an arm of the unconscious man and carry him. “Follow us, we’ll bring you to Father Desadayus. It’s the least we can do after you saved Angela.”

How do you react (to everything)?

Missingo Master: ~ See Update Batch #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12 and #13, and here’s #14:
Keith’s words coaxed you into showing your true strength, that which could only come from being a MissingNo. "Al-right, Ex-egg-u-tor head," you insulted the ghost boy. "You just messed with the wrong Ba-nette!"

The boy sneered at you, his eyes glowing a faint red. “Die!” he commanded. And as he said that, a table lifted itself up out of the mess of furniture before being forcefully flung towards you. But you were prepared for this. A jet of shining red that looked more like fire than water gunned from your mouth to push off the incoming attack.

“Inkay,” the boy said angrily. The Inkay shivered in its spot, and then laid still like a statue. “Attack!”

The table slowed down and fell back to the floor, but before you got a moment’s rest the Inkay pops up to your side and fires off another Psybeam. The attack connects and throws you off your balance, the pain stinging unlike a regular psychic attack should have. You pick yourself up, but just when you did another piece of furniture, a wardrobe, plummeted down on you. The wooden dresser splintered upon impact while crushing you against the room’s floor.

A battle against one Pokémon in a topsy-turvy world may have been tough but doable; two opponents was near impossible it seemed, even for a MissingNo, and it didn’t help that they had the type advantage thanks to the inverted type-scales. Nevertheless, you weren’t down for the count yet and you pick yourself up again. The Inkay charges towards you with another attack but you weren’t going to let it get the better of you this time. Right as it came close, you charge yourself with a veil of black aura and fly up out of the way of its attack. Your body soars up through the room, just barely missing the ghost boy in your path.

“You’re not going to leave,” his voice was menacing. Another, smaller table was lifted and thrown up towards you. You go into the second part of your attack; charged with the black aura you dive down with your Sky Attack, straight through the table as if it were nothing. The table splinters before you and you continue your rapid descent. The ghost boy dodges you. “Ha. You missed” but he wasn’t your target. Right below him, where you had left it, the Inkay stood idly by as you close in on it, before crashing into it with your body, the floor cracking beneath the force off of both of you.

You get off and back away, slightly panting. To your dismay, so did the Inkay though. Keith hadn’t rung in yet and so you were left to your own devices. The battle continued until…

(Updatee is free to write out how the rest of the battle proceeded, as long as it’s within the confines of what has been provided for the battle. The end result will have to be the same though; )

…you managed to give the ghost boy a critical hit, stunning him, and quickly thereafter delivering the final blow to the Inkay. By this point you were panting heavily, practically worn out from having to deal with two opponents at once. The Inkay collapses and the boy grunts at you.

Myrtle grew by 1 level!
The two vanish into thin air but his voice remains; “we’re not going to let you go. I’ll get back at you.” With the threats gone you could relax and did so by falling onto the ground. You could feel your consciousness waning. The battle had taken more out of you then you realized. Keith’s voice rings in from the walkie-talkie but you were too tired to pick it up. Your eyes slowly close but just before they do you notice the room changing colours; it was restoring itself from the Topsy-Turvy world.

Keith’s voice calls again; “Myrtl-“ and then dies as the last effect of Topsy Turvy was removed. You finally close your eyes for a well-deserved rest.

Myrtle is knocked out!

Your Carnivine indicated the tower, wondering whether it was a way out. You decide against it though, informing Fang that you had tried that same thing last time only to end up back where you were know. With the small amount of the strange rules in place here you decide that a different approach is most likely needed. Though you couldn’t attest whether it was safe to do so, inverted logic dictated you might have to sink instead of swim. Fang questions your idea briefly but goes along with it. Extending one vine, he wraps it around your waist before the two of you swim farther down into the sea of balls. With one hand gripped on the walkie-talkie you try to get back into contact with Myrtle. But no matter how hard you tried or called out to her, Myrtle didn’t respond.

It wasn’t long before you heard the faint giggle once more, the very same you heard the first time you were here. A bright light flashes before your eyes and dies down. “Don’t,” you hear a whisper. You go even depper, deeper still while you and Fang tried to stay closer. Deeper again, until finally the balls separated and made way for a large open space of blackness.

The two of you break the surface and you notice a surrounding that was very much like the one you saw before; pitch black sky dotted with neon-coloured constellations. The sea as it turned out had two surfaces opposite one another, but this wasn’t the most surprising thing to see.

“Ink ink!” the Inkay tries to distance itself from the two (is Dudley back in his ball?) of you.

The ghost girl gives a shriek out of surprise. “How’d you find me?” she was clearly astounded. “It doesn’t matter. You still have to catch us,” she jeered. “Inkay, go!”


While the two of you were still swimming, the Inkay closed in on you, a red energy forming at its beak as it prepared an attack.

What will Keith do?

kawaiiconcept: ~ See Update Batch #10, #11, #12 and #13, and here’s #14:
Both of your Pokémon worry about your mental state. The Eevee in particular knew you had a tendency to obsess when you had a crush, and the added potential crush in your skull would have only made matters worse. Freighya instructs Eleven to watch over you, the Psychic type being more attune to mental states. Nevertheless, the pain is barely noticeable even when rubbing your head, and you feel surprisingly chipper enough to continue.

Upon reaching the door in the next room, you gently nudge it open, only to be met with a small puff of pink smoke blown in your voice. A distressed coo cries in the distance and the smoke evaporates before your eyes. Before you lay a scene that was surprising to say the least. In an abandoned amusement park rumoured to have been haunted by ghosts and spectres one would have expected a ghoul to show up and scare them or at the very least have specks of dust littering the interior. What you found was none of that though, and instead you saw a large, constructed and fully operational trick room, complete with furniture attached to walls, sliding tiles in the floors, glass panes scattered to create amaze and a bouncy castle-esque blob in the centre, but the biggest shock was the laughter that permeated the room. Young adults and teens roughly your age were running, jumping and playfully pushing one another.

One of the girls notices you standing by the door and waves at you. “Come on in and join us. You’re Kawaii right?”

How did she know your name?

She beckons for you to come closer and soon afterwards others start waving at you too, but before you take another step closer you hear the familiar echo of a distressed cry resonate through the room, though no direct source could be found.

What do you do?

Mantine Mania
Hydrangea: ~ See Update Batch #11, #12 and #13
Eager to get your hands on the Pokémon you quickly think on your feet and come up with a plan. You call out another partner Pokémon, Eleos the Solosis, and devise a plan. Seeing as how the ride was built in a loop like most amusement rides, you were hoping you could cut it off and corner the Pokémon by approaching it from both sides. Fenris was sent to go directly after the Snorunt while you and Eleos would head out the exit and go the other way around. Your two Pokémon understand and Fenris is first to set off. Quickly thereafter, you climb past the icicles and uplifted Mantine boats out the exit.

You take your first few steps on the frozen river outside only to be met with a cold prick on your cheek. Looking up, you see nothing but light grey clouds shedding flakes of snow. All around you, the parks were covered in a permanent thick layer of snow. The river was frozen through, the trees were dead with leaves of sharp icicles, and your vision was reduced to only a mile or so thanks to the continuous storm of Hail. You walk a bit further on, the cold chilling you to the bone if you weren’t properly prepared for these freezing conditions.

You take only a few more steps when you realize three important problems with your plan. One was that the vast size of the park, which houses many parks and habitats for various Pokémon, was enormous enough to practically become a small zoo on its own. And with these conditions, it could take hours before you walked the entire length of the frozen river. The second problem was that the river split up at more than one junction, allowing its visitors to choose the length of their ride and the exhibits they wished to visit. The third was thanks to the snowy conditions – because of it, the Pokémon you were chasing wasn’t confined to only the river; it was free to disappear into the snow-covered grasslands or frozen forests.

Your plan wasn’t going to work as is right now. As if recognising your torment, a voice caws from the nearest trees. “Not really a smart move coming here huh?” A black shadows stands perched atop one of the dead branches. You recognise it to be a Pokémon, one that could talk just like the Hypno you met before.

“If you’re not careful, krow-,” it flapped it’s wings, “the queen’s guards will find you. Best to run back and leave. Craww! It’s too late for your partner though,” he extends a wing towards the other side of the building - towards the boat’s entrance where Fenris went through. You hear a faint cry in the distance. It was Fenris!

An orange glow lights up the sky ahead. Fire? Fenris’ attacks maybe? You hear the Houndour cry softly one more time before a loud whimper replaces it. The glow dies down and Fenris’ voice becomes silent.

“Never stood a chance. Krow! Your fault, trainer. Sent him to his doom. Queen’s guards have him now. Better run trainer. Krow! Run before the queen finds you. Krow! Run! Krow!”

Fenris had clearly run into trouble, and the talking Murkrow was indicating it was too late to save him. Best you leave and cut your losses was his opinion. You didn’t even know what was going on in these parks anyway, though the dark-typed bird apparently did.

What do you do?
(To clarify: Fenris is still a part of your party but he's removed from the adventure for now. No summoning him or anything.)

Salty Sam's Pirate Ship
DaveTheFishGuy: ~ See Update Batch #3
The ship was about as desolate as the rest of the island and its amusements. The only difference was that the mechanical ride was on, for god knows how long. By now the circuits must have rusted or snapped if they were kept active since the park’s closure. The ship was hovering in its station with a silent hum while light poured out of the ships lower hull windows and captain’s cabin - the engine room obviously.

You take your first steps on the wooden staircase that led up to upper deck. Rows of seats with safety guards lined up like a terracotta army waiting for the return of their emperor; a mechanical upper-body of a pirate captain with bicorne hat, black goatee and a permanent sneer of two rows of teeth that could come apart. In one hand rested a plastic cutlass which could move in tandem with its arms as indicated by the exposed rotaries in the shoulders and hips that connected it to a wooden platform opposite the mechanical man’s army of empty seats.

Nothing about the wooden ship – wooden only by appearance as a great deal of metal machinery and wiring was needed – seemed out of the ordinary, just dirty from lack of use in years of abandonment. Strangely though, some areas appear to be relatively clean you notice and the place wasn’t nearly as disgusting as you would expect from years of neglect. Coupled with the activity of the engine below, something didn’t feel quite right with you and a small wisp of nervousness washes over you when you realise the quietness of the place. You scour the deck in hopes of finding anything but come up short. Only the seating area was available to you as any doors that led elsewhere were locked long ago. Eventually you have to give up and decide to leave. Even the controls were off limit to you and so you would be incapable of even starting the damn thing if you wanted to. You take your first steps of the deck, your Pokémon closely following behind you, when Salty Sam suddenly speaks up.

“Aargh matey, are you ready to leave port and set sail for the seven seas. Come on up to Salty Sam’s ship of pirates and buccaneers if ye dare and let’s see if yer brave enough to face her majesty the ocean.”

It was a pre-set recording, specifically designed for kids to enjoy and give the idea of being on a pirate ship.

“There be stormy weather up ahead so you best leave your land-lubber stilts behind and grow a pair of sea legs. Urgh, I seem to have lost mine.” A pause for children’s laughter. “Show me your ticket and prove yer brave enough to become part of me crew.” With that the mouth of the robot opened up in anticipation and lay there waiting.

“A peculiar thing, no. I myself am not quite fond of ‘Salty Sam’ but kids seemed to enjoy it back in the old days.” Behind you was, to your surprise, a Hypno in tophat and cane waiting for you at the bottom of the stairs. “Greetings my fellow man,” he bows, “the name is Nero. I’m the current proprietor of this park, which is why I come to you now.” He clasps his hand and looks at you warmly with squinted eyes and a scrunched up nose. “You see, you’re in my park but you don’t seem to have bought a ticket for anything. Such a shame. It’ll be hard for you to enjoy anything here if you lack the proper papers.” He holds up one of his hands from which purple flames erupt out of his palm. The flames quickly recede and the Hypno grasps the remaining embers to reveal a paper between his fingers.

“Here I have a ticket for you. One return ticket, good for one person.” He looks over your Pokémon and then back at you. “Trainer’s Pokémon may ride for free. Besides, it’s not like we’re short of seats these days. Though, I cannot give you this just like that of course. Most people would have paid for this in the old days. I should expect something in return.”

“Now now,” he stops you before you can say anything. “I’m not a stingy person. I don’t want much from you. I do have a small request I may ask but you don’t have to listen to it. Instead, tell me why I should give this to you. What should I expect from you if I gave this ticket? That is of course, if you want the ticket in the first place?”

He clearly wants you to come up with a reason you should be given a free pass, even if it is a lazy excuse that only appeals to his good nature (if he has one though), but would you want to bother though for a flimsy piece of paper?

How do you proceed?

PikaGod: ~ See Update Batch #3
You had heard about the abandoned island and its park before from both rumours and friends. Its mix of childish rides and gothic decay appealed to your personality in more ways than one. The fondness of your own childhood memories grabbed a hold of your interests which is why you decided to visit the Merry-Go-Round first. Amidst the rubble and purple haze lied the wore-down remains of the amusement ride, its bright colours now dulled to a grim memory of its former glory. Still, it remained intact in one piece, complete with Ponytas, Blitzles, Gogoats, Rhyhorns and Lapras as well as the three legendary dog Pokémon Entei, Raikou and Suicune and a few others (to be decided by the update if he wants). Each one of the Pokémon statues floated with hanging mouths, complementing the park’s feel of remaining frozen in time where no new life seemed to cross.
The sight wasn’t unsettling despite standing desolated and neither you nor your Spritzee or Starmie showed signs of hesitance in nearing the structure. You take a step closer and hear the light crackle of electricity and machinery as the ride lights up and merry, although dulled, music sings in whistles and pipes. As if reading your mind, the Merry-Go-Round decided to come to live and invite you and your Pokémon along for a ride it probably hasn’t had in a long time.

Not one to turn down an invitation, or perhaps not one to question it too much, you decide to tag along, seeing as how it was your hope in the first place. You and your Pokémon look around the carrousel and each pick a Pokémon to ride on. As if sensing your readiness the ride springs to movement, not requiring a key or the push of a button in any way. An eerie screech rings in the air while the machine tries to turn on its axis. Music starts playing, a song you remember from your childhood (or not), but the notes are sparse and missing and the few that do ring out are accompanied with a rusty tone or cackling screech. The movements themselves are sluggish and forcing themselves to move in chugging motions. The mechanical Pokémon themselves struggle to bounce in their place and give up after a while. Then, before the ride can even come to a proper pace, the machine decides to quit and the song stops during its first chorus.

Disappointed to say the least, it would appear you and your Pokémon wouldn’t be able to enjoy the ride as you had hoped. Thoughts rise on what to do next; move on to the next ride, attempt to fix it or perhaps wait in the hopes of it restoring itself? It is then that off to the side, removed by a few feet, you notice a yellow figure gazing at you from the mist. The strange man leans with one hand on his black cane while using his other to lift his top hat in greeting. The creature gave off a sinister air by standing so alone and still in the fog while fixating his stare at you at every movement. Your Pokémon shortly join your side after noticing the yellow figure too. There was a chance the thing was benevolent but in a place as abandoned as the Haunted Theme Park you had more than a few doubts about that. Still, the creature appears to be waiting for your next move.

What do you do?

Fortune Teller’s Tent
Plight of Leon: ~ See Update Batch #5
Lost both in mind and place, you find yourself wandering the desolated park that was converted to a home for other lost spirits. Perhaps this would then be the best place for you to stay, to rest or find answers; an identity perhaps or even a glimpse of an idea on who you were, now and in past lives. The Fortune Teller’s tent pops up in the corner of your eye, a soft pale light sliding past the curtain doors. This place was abandoned, supposedly. No cities or farms or markets to speak off that could sustain any living thing from living here for long periods of time. The fortune teller herself would not be there, you knew, or otherwise had a feeling. It was only days before the first horrific accident took place that the fortune teller had mysteriously vanished, supposedly died from old age.

No, you knew, it was someone else, something else. Something had taken residence in the canvas tent and had announced its presence to you. Slowly, you creepy our way to the tent flap, an itching sensation of flying sparks flowing through your body as you neared. The sparks buzz alive in your head and whisper small static groans, first sad, then happy and then angry until it become an infuriating heat of angry moans and growls. For a brief moment, you feel as if the park had been alive with energy, and it was all waiting for you inside, but it was not friendly. It knew what you were and it didn’t like it. You stretch your grey, paper-thin arm out to lift it when you hear a voice surprise you from behind.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Your hand retracts away instantly and the buzzing and moaning stop, your body cools down to match the thin purple mist that swirled past they grey dirt bricks. The creature took a few yellow steps further towards you, his hand cautiously gripping his cane which he tapped alongside his stride until he came but a few feet away from you.

“They are waiting inside, but they are waiting for a youngster to prove himself worthy. I don’t believe you to be a youngster,” his eyes squint suspiciously at you, “and I don’t think you to be worthy either.” His words send a cold wisp your way that sends a soft trail of something familiar through you. “I suggest you step away from there, lest you want to lose all you have left to them.”

The creature eyes you top to bottom, scratches his yellow chin and strokes his furry mane before shifting his tophat and finally speaking to you again. “Strange, I was warned of a peculiar entity having come to the park and was expecting something, well something more. You, most certainly are a strange thing; living but dead, both in this realm and the other while existing in neither. Most ghosts would have something similar, they are spirits with no shells, but here I see a shell with no spirit, no semblance of live at all. I can see you but I can feel nothing. You have no presence.”

He takes a defensive stance towards you. “Tell me, do you work for him? Are you his servant sent to aid? What is your purpose? What do you want?” He asks basically the same question in different ways. He is suspicious of you and has very little cause for trust it seems but he is asking you the very thing you came here to find out; Who are you and what do you want?

What do you do?

Meetan: ~ See Update Batch #9, #10, #11 and #13
Almost with desperation you kick-start your routine. Jumping from heel to toe, you throw your arms in the air to the rhythm of the music. The booing of the crowd subsided slightly as the audience started questioning what was happening. The judges looked both intrigued and puzzled by your performance. It was working. No one was throwing rotten fruit anymore and the booing had dwindled to a loud murmur.

You move into your next pose, and a sharp splinter pierces your mind. The flash of memory interrupts you. You stop haphazardly in the middle of your dance, clutching your head as the pain overwhelms you. Memory was piling onto memory as you slowly recalled Phantom Isle. You remember the ghostly theme park, the tent, the fortune teller, and Masaru. Masaru! Where was she? She was with you only moments ago. The pain dies down and you remember everything vividly. Everything except for how you got here, on stage.

The crowd returned to its booing and started throwing rotten food again. There was something familiar about this place. A sense of déja-vu crept up inside you, though it was off, something didn’t quite feel right. The judges and their Espurrs look strangely at one another. A single piece of food strikes you in the face out of nowhere, blinding you temporarily. The same pain shot through your mind as the memories erased themselves once more. You forget about the stage, about Phantom Isle, and about Masaru. You wipe the last bit off your eyes and open them.


You were with your mother. You were young; two, maybe three years old. She was urging you to duck underneath the bed. It was one of those games of hide-and-seek, the ones you’ve played many times over with your parents. You crawl underneath the bed. It’s dark and you can’t see anything…and then you remember. Masaru, where was she? Memories trickle in again and the darkness lights up with colours as a new tapestry forms in front of you.


You were in a garden. The memories returned. You recall Phantom Isle, and your strange transport onto the stage with the booing crowd. You recognize where you were. This was the garden where you first met Masaru (or at least that’s what I’m concluding from your visions). You haven’t seen Masaru since the crystal ball exploded in your eyes. Could this be where she was hiding?

Where is Masaru?
(Feel free to describe what this environment looks like and/or explain how your meeting with Masaru should go according to memory.)

The Ghost Train
Fishyfool: ~ See Update Batch #1, #2, #3, #4, #7, #8, #10, #12 and #13
After carefully weighing your options you decide to recall your Swampert to its Pokéball. He had done enough for now and was in need of rest you reasoned. His exhaustion was not without reward though as his recuperation will allow him to rest to the next level.

Originally Posted by Level-up
Mjolnir the Swampert gained +1 level!
The next step was to bring out a new partner. You detach a third Pokéball from your belt and call forth another ally. A flash of light materializes into a hard shape that takes the form of a brutish-looking construction worker. You explain your plan to your Pokémon, both giving you worried glances whenever you clutch your chest. You assure them though it’s nothing serious. You gesture towards the door. "Rip it off and bridge it, Tantalia."

Tantalia places one of her two pillars firmly into the carriage floor while clutching tightly onto her other one for support. With her free hand she grabs a hold of the door and easily rips it off of its hinges. The metal pins cracked as they split and Tate was left holding onto what was now nothing more than a giant wooden plank for you to use. She plants it down across the gaping gap, forming a bridge for you to cross over.

Now was Paine’s turn to help. As you gingerly take your first steps, Paine’s psychic prowess grab a light hold on you. If you would slip or fall, she would be sure to catch you before you dropped into the abyss completely. Once across, you tested the doorknob to the locomotive; unlocked, fortunately. The engine room was dark and empty, with no apparent danger in sight. You recall your Pokémon from the other side, retreating them to the safety of their Pokéballs while you focussed on your next task.

After closing the door you closely inspect the room. There were barred windows to either side of you, and in front you could see the two gaping holes that made up the eye sockets of the skull that adorned the locomotive. None of these windows helped though as outside there was no light source to speak of and you saw nothing but the pitch blackness of the abyss. As far as you could tell, there were three controls you could use; one was the button nestled between the two eye sockets, the second was the lever set in the floor and the third was the chain-switch hanging from the ceiling.

What do you do (first, second, third, etc.)?

Liltwick: ~ See Update Batch #1, #2, #3, #4, #7 and #12
The first thing on your mind was to retreat the unconscious Kai to the safety of his Pokéball. Better he rest in there than continue being dragged along in his comatose state you reckon. You heard the faint cries in the distant, its source unrecognisable. You call out another partner Pokémon of yours. Wisp comes forth and hops into your arms. The two of you give only a look but the Litwick understood something was wrong. That much was certain when you took in your surroundings. The faint sense of obliteration littered the ruins, as if civilisations came here to be forgotten and removed from the world.

You felt like a ghost amongst the ruins yourselves and with no sure way of where to go, opt to follow the cries in the hopes of finding someone or something. The crying never stopped, making it easy for you to find the path where the lamenting got louder. You wander amongst the broken remains of buildings as you got closer and pretty soon you heard other cries with softly uttered words in between.


“Where am I?”


Each voice was a quiet cry for help made of only sobs. Eventually you come up to find the source of the lamenting only to stand dead in your shoes when you see it. An ethereal being, a woman you reckon, was crouched with her back to the wall of a broken-down building. She rocked back and forth in her place, continuing to cry softly. “Why...I don’t know…why..” The catatonic ghost didn’t even so much as recognise your presence, continuing to stir in her misery. If you tried to get closer or even talk to her, the ghost merely said “leave me alone” with a sorrowful voice, never stopping her movements as he rocked back and forth. The woman merely continued, ignoring your presence altogether.

It is then, when you look at the other ruins that you notice other spirits in a similar pose. Each of them mourning in their own place separate from one another and weeping while crying out regrets or questions.

“..where are you…”

“…where am I…”


“…I didn’t know…I didn’t know…”

None of them so much as took a moment to look at you or cease what they were doing. Except one. A darkly clad boy passes by one of the walls. He was close, close enough for you to tell this wasn’t a spirit like the rest of them. You weren’t able to see through him and he wasn’t in a perpetuating state of misery like the rest. The boy notices you too and gasps almost in surprise. Instantly, he walks towards you, then paces himself and then practically runs with grim excitement on his face.

The boy comes closer into view and you can tell by his pale skin tone and tattered layers of dark clothing that he belonged to a small clique of specific people with specific interests; hex maniacs, or spiritualist as they preferred to call themselves. “Oh my- wow,” he grabs a hold of you and shakes. “You’re real!? Another real life person in here. Are you also a spiritualist like me? Who are you? Why did you come here? I can’t believe I found another person who can channel themselves here.” The boy continues to shake you with excitement, clearly intrigued by finding you in this desert.

“Tell me what else you can do. Did you master the nine sacred arts? Did you manage to levitate once?” He stops shaking you for a while and pants from exhaustion. He bursts into a laughing cackle, the type that would make most people’s skin crawl.

He turns back to his questioning. “You have to tell me everything about you. Maybe I can help you?” His still, smiling face was dangerously close to yours at this point. “I’m looking for something here too. Maybe we can help each other?”

“Tell me,” he gives you another shake. “Tell me, tell me.”

Whoever this person was, he clearly had an idea of where you two were and was more than eager at having come across you. You could answer and perhaps even get some information out of him. He did ask if you two could team up, but his ghastly excitement and boundary issues were a tad scary to say the least so perhaps that might not be the best option. Still, you would have to find a way to deal with the Hex Maniac spiritualist and his, literal, clutches.

What do you do?

Samayouru: ~ See Update Batch #5, #6, #11, #12 and #13
You were surrounded on all sides by a wall of blue fire. Your hand reaches for the Deidbell but you’re uncertain if this is the right time to purpose some of your limited usages. You decide against it for now and go for a different strategy. Ramses is called from his Pokéball. A bright light flashes and within instants a Yamask appears beside you. You issue his orders and he understand firmly, erecting a translucent, protective barrier around himself, you and Caesar. Meanwhile, you look around frantically, hoping to find something, anything, that could be the cause for all of this. But nothing stood out amongst the white spectres and blue flames. No cause could be found other than the ringing of the bell tower.

The fire grew and consumed the ghosts one by one. In moments, the entire room was engulfed in flames and stretched slowly from the walls towards the centre. You wait in anticipation for it to be over, wondering how long this would last. Your heart sank when you noticed one trail of fire passing through the protective shield. The barrier was doing nothing against it. More fire joined and pierced the shell, and in moments you were surrounded on all sides by the blue flames. Your plan wasn’t working. Moments later though, you recognise the distinct lack of heat in the room. After touching one of the flames (for whatever reason you deem fit) you realize that the fire didn’t burn. It wasn’t hot, or cold, or even painful. It was simply nothing more than light.

Still, all around you the ghosts wailed in pain, begging for it to stop and screaming for help. And the sheer brilliance of the fire blocked your view in all directions. At this point you had lost your bearing of which way you had come from and where you were going. Was it even worth continuing up the tower with this?

What do you do?

House of Mirrors
DracosWulfgar: ~ See Update Batch #13
You came to Phantom Isle to confirm the sightings of ghosts. You came to the House of Mirrors however to conquer your own fear of claustrophobia. So far though, that wasn’t going very well. Almost as soon as you entered the shadow-filled building you felt the pinprick of eyes drilling in the back of your neck. There was no constant source of light and instead you had to rely on the island’s glow spilling through the entrance and the occasional lightbulb that wasn’t completely shattered. The closed spaces made you nervous and the constant appearance of new reflections in the dark corridors didn’t help making you feel any less trapped.

You partner Pokémon senses your trouble and appears from his Pokéball, the Growlithe assuring you by acting as a therapy dog. A low moan echoes through the corridors briefly. Quite possibly the wind howling through the cracked wooden boards. You manage to recover yourself and move on, remembering a trick you were taught by your sister long ago. You think back to what she said that first time; the trick is to notice the edges of the mirrors. Specifically at the top and bottom you could easily see where the reflective surface met with the dirt coloured panels of the floors and ceiling.

You think hard about this trick, but the moment you do the loud moan echoes down the corridor once more. A violent wind blows past and in an instant the floor and ceiling were replaced by mirrors themselves. All around where you looked you and your Growlithe were surrounded by images of yourselves. The two of you are momentarily shocked by the sudden change in scenery. Was this supposed to be a part of the attraction?

“Hello?” a voice startles you. You look around but find nothing. Your Growlithe looks at you, puzzled.

“Is someone there?” the voice speaks again. You turn again to find nothing. You couldn’t tell where it was coming from; the voice appeared to be coming from all directions at once.

“Hello?” it asks again.

You concentrate on the path ahead first, for a small piece of mind you had to make yourself comfortable first. You think about the corners of the mirror panels themselves. Perhaps they could still provide you with some comfort and bearing.

Another loud moan bellows in the corridor, and another gust of wind blows past you. The corridor trembles in its place, and before your very eyes the corners of the mirror panels squeaked as they bent into soft corners, obscuring their sharp angles. Your Growlithe was sufficiently startled, by both the sound and the warp of the mirrors.

“Is someone there? You need to put a halt to your overtly pensive thoughts.”

The loud moan turned louder and became closer. A dark shadow filled the corridor up ahead and crawled towards you. One by one, the mirrored panels rippled like waves as the shadow approached your direction. A whistling chime blows past you along another howl of wind.

“Answer please, I beg you” the voice speaks. It is then that you realise the voice wasn’t coming from anywhere in the building; it was in your head. “I’m trying to warn you that you’re in danger.” The shadow slowly crept closer as the mirrors continued to ripple by its touch.


What do you do?

The Hotel

The Lobby
Lt. BLEU™: ~ See Update Batch #2, #3 and #4
The ghost children were eager to get away from whatever was approaching the hotel and suggested you to come with them. You were still in doubt though on what was best. Another wail echoed outside, a mere few footsteps away, followed by the slow treading towards the door. Even if running might have been the sensible thing to do, you decide to halt your decision making in preference to first discover what it was that was chasing you in the first place.

“Chrys, get behind me.”

Even as you said that, you prepared yourself to run away in any direction you could. “Be on your feet Chrys. We may have to run.”

“I don’t think that’s very smart sir.” The children wished you the best of luck and submerged themselves into the wall. Their two heads poked through, eager to see what would happen first before retreating entirely.

The footsteps continued until its owner stood right behind the door, and stopped. Nothing happened and you hold your breath for a while in anxious anticipation. What was it doing? Did it move away?

Suddenly, the lobby doors banged open and hit the walls, the outside winds flew in and a loud wail howled in the opening. A large man stood in front of you, covered entirely from head to toe in dark azure, temple robes. His head, covered by his cowl and an expressionless, golden mask, stared at you and Chrys in turn for the longest time. A smaller figure, similarly clad in robes and golden mask, appeared behind him and gave a girlish moan. The girl’s head cocked up and to the side to where the two ghosts were still lingering.

One of the children yelped. “Run!” The two children dissipated through the walls to hide and left you alone to face ‘The Crying Man’.

The creature made a howling stance and a sad wail protruded from his mask again. The man faced you again and stretched a large sleeve in your direction. Instantly, a dark shadow snaked across the distance between you two and a ghostly hand formed that lashed out at you. Instinctively you stepped back and out of reach, only for the hand to coil back into sleeve. Another sobbing wail howled from the obscured face at the missed grasp. The girl moved away and started crossing the lobby with a whimpering cry towards where the two ghost children were hiding – the Boutique. The Crying Man attracts your attention with another howl and lazily swings his sleeve in your direction; the shadowy tentacle lashes out again in your direction.

What do you do?

The Fifth Floor
Marblezone: ~ See Update Batch #1, #3 and #7
You felt you were being mocked, played with or at the very least not being up front towards. You had no intention to play someone’s games and upon spotting the Hypno’s reappearance you make that intention clear with one word.


The Hypno bristles and folds his newspaper. “Well you’re not one for taking a detour are you? Wouldn’t you like to stay and have a chat first?” He notes your annoyance and puts the paper down. “Very well, I’ll get straight to it then. But first.” He waves at a nearby employee to come over. The young man, previously scouring around the lobby floor like a Rattata, scurries over with shifty glances to the side.

“Yes.. sir? Can.. I help?” he said with pausing reluctance.

“Yes, may I have one more coffee please,” he hands his empty cup over and looks at you. “And for this gentleman, would you like anything?” he asks you.

The man is sent away on your orders and leaves the two of you alone to discuss the matters further. “Don’t look at me like that. The reason I didn’t explain everything was because having you see it first-hand would have made things easier. It would have been a long explanation otherwise and besides, would you have believed me after seeing what you know now?” referring to the strange purple backdrop you saw in every window. He lets the question rest a couple of seconds for a response. “As you may understand, this place is not in the mortal realm, but neither is it the afterlife. I think the best way to explain it is that this place lies in a realm in between. For lack of a better term, you could call it a pocket dimension, a place that exists beside these two without connecting with either. There are more of these, they tend to get created for purposes or out of necessity, sometimes by those who dabble in magics and misuse their abilities. Why I remember one time I met this funny little gall when I was younger and she came up to me-“ he stops at your stare and shuffles uncomfortably in his place.

“Right, straight to the point of course. Anyway,” he gives a humble cough. “This one was made out of necessity, it is an old one made by my master a long time ago to contain this area and all the events that transpired. These places are usually made to be inaccessible to the other realms. I have used a considerable part of my energy to get you here, I hope I didn’t make a mistake in relying on you.” He chokes at your visual response (knowing you) and recollects his thoughts. The employee returns with a tray of coffee and your order.

“I hope you took your time to get acquainted with the surroundings,” he says once you’re left alone again. “It’s best to know where you are and to understand these people as best as possible. Reason being; in one hour, everyone here will be dead…”

He takes a sip of coffee and lets you stir in that last sentence for a while. “Well, 55 minutes by the time we’re done talking,” he pulls out a pocket watch to assure himself of what he said. “Strictly speaking of course they’re dead already, but not exactly either, they die over and over again or, ahem. How best to put this? The souls you see here are afflicted with a curse, you see? They’re doomed to repeat their final moments time and over again until someone steps in. This happens quite often actually in the real world, more than you’d think. They’re usually not that significant but in this case, as you can see outside, it was necessary to remove them for a while. What happened here was disastrous and would have been dangerous if kept to the mortal realm.” He continues sipping his coffee, as if more eager to get this over with than you.

“So,” he puts the cup down firmly, “now we get back to why I brought you here in the first place. I’m sure you can guess by now why I brought you here; to change the circumstances of these spirits and free them so they may move on to the afterlife. It may sound easy, but trust me it is not. To have you better understand, I will not explain what it is that put them in this predicament in the first place. If I told you now, I’m sure you wouldn’t help at all. Though perhaps,” he strokes his mane in thought, “having you know why might actually stop you.” He scoffs the idea away for the moment. “Either way, instead I’ll have you figure out why it is that these people found themselves in such a predicament. Find out why the people here died and you’ll figure out what you’ll have to do to help them.”

“I’ll give you one last thing for your quest,” he slides the pocket watch across the table. “I’ve set the timepiece myself. It is currently 12:04. You have until 13:00. Try not to mess with the settings, will you? Please.” The favour was made to sound more serious than it was, but you could note the hint of urgency in his voice.

You look at the pocket watch and find it to be subtly tasteful. Everything about it - the design, the colour, the numerals, the sound – ticked as if it were made specially for a man like Luther C. Helford. There was only one knob on it though with which to turn the hands of the watch. The moment you look away from the pocket watch, you notice the Hypno had disappeared from his chair. Only the presence of his empty coffee cup ensured you of his recent existence. A small ring hums in your head before making way for the soft voice of your recent companion. “One last thing I forgot to mention: don’t tell the inhabitants they’re dead. They’re not ready to confront it just yet and you’ll regret what happens if you remind them.” The voice and the ringing disappear and leave you to explore the limited grounds of the pocket dimension.

The majority of the crowd was still surrounding the battle of Walrein vs Camerupt but it was coming to a close. The entrance to the conference hall was still blocked by the three security guards and the lady with the clipboard. The employee who just served you continued scurrying around the lobby floor to serve others while another was finally managing to get the luggage cart moving after getting help from a third employee. In addition you have; a few people reading their books or magazines at some of the tables, the two receptionists, and the kitchen and boiler room that remain unexplored.

What do you want to do next?

Current Time: 12:05 PM

(You have a time constraint in place. Roughly every major action will take 5 minutes, this corresponds roughly to an update, two in case of the results of your actions needing to be detailed. I’ll give the current time for every update though so you won't have to keep guessing.)

Members-Only Casino
Escalion: ~ See Update Batch #10 and #13
”Let’s just say I heard a good story about this place that I’m dying to check out for myself.” A dark grin appears on Corvus’ face, ”But rest assured, we will go all in.”

“I’m sure my partner already explained himself, and I think we can go all in when needed. I know how to play a game or two,” you chime in, all the while remaining wary of your visitor.

The Hypno chuckles at Corvus’s response. “Yes yes, quite right, ’dying to check it out’. I suppose that wasn’t an accidental pun. I must say,” he looks at Corvus with admiration, “I commend you for your dedication. Just be sure it doesn’t devolve to foolhardy tenacity. Although…”

He scratches his chin in contemplation. “…perhaps foolhardy tenacity is exactly what you’d need to persevere. But not that kind of tenacity Mr. Virote.” His eyes turn sharply to you and it is then that you realise you can’t move your arm anymore. It was stuck in place by your belt by some unseen force. A small numb sensation creeps from your fingers up your arm, and you recognise almost immediately it was because the blood flow was being cut off slowly.

“That type of grit,” he continues, “is more foolhardy than you may realise. Caution is important but I’m less than impressed by your resolve to resort to violence so easily. Careful not to portray a too overwrought character once inside. Some things, as you may very well know, are not as they first appear.”

At that moment your arm is released from its invisible grip. The blood flows back down your extremities, sending pins and needles all across your arm. You look at the Hypno who merely smiles, inviting you to do the same. You get the sense he was referring to more than one thing with that last sentence of his.

“Either way, a deal’s a deal. Here you go,” he hands over the voucher for you to take. “And then of course.” He opens his palm in which a flame shoots up. Another voucher materializes and the flame dies down. “This one’s for you,” he hands the other voucher to Corvus.

Originally Posted by Item
You obtained 2x Vouchers for 10 Phantom Tokens
“Now that that’s out of the way, I’ll take my leave. Before either of you decides to indulge in their violent tendencies.” He takes a bow and lifts his top hat, “tata,” and disappears in a flash of purple smoke.


Eventually you reach the point where you swipe the keycard through the slot. A confirming bleep and green light shows it was accepted. The doors creak and you hear something unhooking. Pushing against the door, you realise its unlocked and you move through.

Ahead was laid out a quaint VIP room, the size of a large studio apartment. One side of the room was covered with crystal-clear mirrored panels from left to right. The carpet was of a simple yet elegant design and every chair, sofa and seat had red upholstery. A small performance stage was placed in the corner opposite of you, atop which sat a lone mic. To your side was a vacant bar, and the token booth; its reception empty and the only place in the casino that had witnessed the island’s decay. Scattered all across the floor were tables set up to accommodate poker, blackjack, craps and roulette. The lay-out of the room was only second to what had caught your eye though.

Set in the centre of the room was a table with its roulette currently still spinning. The only guests of the casino were circled around its rotating wheel, bets already placed. Their laughter was cut short upon noticing you and Corvus had entered. All eyes stare at the two of you with bewilderment. Some of their jaws dropped in astonishment at seeing you. All of them – Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Sableye, Lampent and Mismagius – remained quiet as they stared at you, nervously waiting for your next move.

What do you do

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