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Misdreavus Phantom Isle: The EA-Insane Chapters

Phantom Isle
The Haunted Theme Park

For several decades this remote theme park was a popular tourist attraction for people of all ages. Starting as a small fairground it was built into the land's largest and most sought after family holiday destination, the entire island eventually converted into one enormous theme park incorporating hundreds of rides, entertainment venues, and showcases. Contests were held, friendly trainer battles took place, children were even allowed to hire Pokémon for the day to either keep them company or to battle with in special kiddie events. When the park became so popular that families wished to stay longer than a single day in order to experience everything there was to offer, a grand hotel was built offering special and affordable deals for families and trainers alike. Then one day, several years ago and during the height of the theme park's popularity, a devastating fire on the Ghost Train responsible for the deaths of several adults, trainers, and dozens of children, closed the fairground to the public. Reconstruction work began immediately, but after many unexplained happenings involving serious injury, and in a few cases the death of construction workers, the repairs were put on hold. The spooky events continued long after, with many curious trespassers, as well as the security guards hired to keep them away, disappearing, never to be seen again, or turning up on the mainland frightened out of their wits with no memory of why, or of how they got there. Any and all attempts at reconstruction have since failed, leaving the theme park shrouded in an aura of darkness and mystery. As a result very few dared to venture here, the stench of death and misery allowing the theme park to become a breeding ground for the darker side of the Pokémon world. As supernatural activity in the deserted park increased, a strange purple haze began to appear until eventually the entire island was surrounded by it resulting in a permanent state of darkness shrouding it as natural light was unable to properly filter through. This of course deterred even more people from approaching the area as they deemed it far too dangerous. In recent weeks, however, some rather bizarre events are rumoured to be taking place, and as word spreads of the park once again being open, only now run by ghosts, the theme park has been renamed "The Phantom Isle". Now, some of the more daring adventurers in the land have been contemplating returning to the park to discover for themselves if there is indeed any truth to these amazing stories.

The Park
Despite the lack of human activity in the park during its closure, it seems those from the realm of the dead are quite active in these parts. All of the popular rides remain the same as they were prior to the ghost train event, but over time they seem to have become populated by very unsavoury characters in the form of spectres, poltergeists, and even some of the more mischievous Pokémon who want to manipulate anyone brave enough to enter such a place. If you dare to venture here, you'd best have your wits about you.

Rollerquaza: The largest rollercoaster in the park, this ride is designed around the legendary Pokémon Rayquaza and its home, the Sky Pillar of the Hoenn region. The highest peak of the ride reaches, much like the Pokémon itself, high into the clouds above the fog shrouding the park. The final drop leading the rider to a darkened tunnel where people have apparently gone missing for days at a time, reporting a bizarre force as they plunged deep into the shadows.

The Funhouse: The name speaks for itself, though the fun you'll have might not be the sort of fun you are acquainted with. A strange entity exists in the building which seems to emanate evil from the walls and floors, causing even the most nimble of trainers to have trouble keeping their balance in the various rooms.

Mantine Mania: A water-based ride with a twist, not only do you ride through what used to be the serene decorative gardens, there is a waterfall drop and even an underwater segment. Pokémon are rumoured to live in the water and the various surroundings, but if you plan on leaving the ride be wary of getting lost in the now-jungle-like gardens as it could prove to be a very dangerous trek.

Salty Sam's Pirate Ship: Don't be fooled by its light hearted name, this pendulum-like ship ride with its dummy captain is more than it looks. Rumour has it that if the carriage goes completely upside down, the bizarre events begin to unfold with your escape being the last thing on the captain's one-track mind.

Helter Skelter: Seems like your regular climb up, slide down, helter skelter but, unbeknown to its riders, there is more of a twist than you would expect...

Sideshow Alley: Contains all of the normal things you would find in a sideshow with one exception - a memorial wall set up with dozens of plaques in honor of the deceased children who never made it off the ride of a lifetime. Each plaque has a space for flowers to honor their memories if you wish, but beware, for the sad and gloomy atmosphere around here attracts more than curious trainers.

Merry-Go-Round: Looks just like a normal Merry-Go-Round right? Think again. Take the trip of a lifetime, or maybe just your life, and see what mysteries lie within the maze beneath the Merry-Go-Round. Not such a fun-filled looking ride now is it?

The Circus Tent: Want to see the show of a lifetime? Enter the Circus Tent and challenge the bloodthirty ghosts within to a battle upon the stage. Defeat four in a row to reach the Champion - A Dark Pokémon whose identity remains a mystery as nobody has ever made it far enough to win.

Fortune Teller's Tent: Situated in the shadows cast by the majestic circus tent is a much smaller tent which once housed a mystical woman who was said to have powers beyond that of a regular human, being able to see not only into the past, but also into the future. She passed away not too long before the closure of the theme park but nobody thought anything of it, since she was getting on in years. Today, there is still a light coming from her tent, so could it be she still lingers in the theme park, waiting for her next customer?

The Big Wheel: Seems like any old wheel ride, but on a much greater scale. Each carriage can easily hold ten people and the top of the wheel is so high that it cannot be seen from the ground due to it being shrouded in the bizarre violet fog. Recently, there have been rumours of it speeding up, its riders lost, but where?

Ghost Train: Enter if you dare - The Ghost Train, the site of the disaster responsible for the closure of the theme park. Ghostly visits from children lost are reported to have scared many a construction crew away from this site while some of the strongest and darkest Pokémon of all are rumoured to dwell within the burnt out remains of this once popular ride.

House of Mirrors: Reflections aren't the only things you'll find in these mirrors...

Contest Halls: Scattered throughout the park are five contest halls, each devoted to a specific contest type; Beauty, Cool, Cute, Smart, and Tough. One contest was held in each hall each day at noon while the park was open, with people flocking in to watch. The contests are now back, though a little different to before, the entry deadline being midnight. Better not be late.

Kiddie Arenas: Sixteen kiddie battle arenas are scattered throughout the park, each devoted to a specific Pokémon type. They're not very big as these were simply a testing ground for children under ten to practice their battle skills with rented Pokémon, though these days they're a little more treacherous.

The Hotel
Situated at the back of the theme park is a grand hotel where guests and their Pokémon stayed whilst visiting. The ground floor has the usual areas such as lobby, restaurant, boutique, and entertainment room, while the downstairs levels house a storeroom and very special casino for its patrons. The hotel is still very active but its guests are far different than you might be used to encountering. The eight upper floors containing the suites are more often than not inhabited by spirits, some being those who perished in the fateful incident that closed the park. Some are restless not realising they are dead, and some are harmless, while others are not. Wander around the hotel and you may find more than you'd bargained for.

The Lobby: Upon entering the hotel's main doors, you reach a marble-floored lobby with a check-in desk and huge chandeliers that flicker ominously. Behind the desk lies most of the keys to the various hotels rooms, but an unseen power prevents you from taking more than one at a time. A lone elevator sits at one end, leading up to the rest of the rooms or down to the storeroom and casino.

Restaurant: Through a set of ornate double-doors lies what used to be one of the finest restaurants in the world. All of its tables and chairs remain untouched and the food seems to be frozen in time, no signs of decay at all. Candelabras decorate the tables but they have been seen flying around the room. The kitchen has become a dangerous place, however, located through a saloon door behind the food counters. The walls, still lined with the sinister, sharp utensils previously used by the various chefs glint in the moonlight and seem to sway on their own. A wrong move could lead to you being the latest delicacy.

Boutique: A gift shop selling theme park souvenirs, you might find more than a keyring or two floating about in here.

Entertainment Room: A place for visitors to unwind after spending a long day wandering around the park. A pool table is it's central focal point, although there are several arcade machines lining the walls as well as many tables set out with board games for children to play. Tron and Jumanji are child's play compared to what goes on in here nowadays.

Storeroom: A vast room filled with everything the hotel might need and plenty of spare hotel furniture of all kinds. Pokémon have taken the furniture as an invitation to make themselves at home and quite a large variety of Pokémon can be found here not wanting to be disturbed by anything, let alone humans.

Members-Only Casino: Situated beneath the hotel is a large casino that was previously members-only. Reports speak of a barrier that you still seemingly cannot pass without possessing one of the members' cards handed out to adults who visited the hotel and casino in its heyday. You might end up gambling more than you bargained for, however, so beware...

The Upper Floors: There are eight upper floors to the hotel where the park's guests stayed, and some still dwell. One great mystery seems to be surrounding the sixth floor, or lack thereof, as the entire level seems to have vanished. Curious, as it's clearly visible from the outside, it just doesn't appear to exist within. The key to room thirteen is also rumoured to be located somewhere within the hotel, its sinister contents being protected as best they can. Can these two mysteries possibly be connected?

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