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Round 13

MMS: Man, it’s been hard to get these reffings out lately. I’ve been busy trying to find a new dealer since that Ludicolo that got killed a couple rounds ago was my original one.

S12: Don’t do drugs, kids.

Q: Or do, we won’t stop you.


The Gardevoir camera flickers on as she immediately leaves to find a new friend. Or rather, an old friend in a very different spot. The Marowak begins heading for the jungle for whatever reason, looking a bit wary of its surroundings, before entering and spotting a Prank Egg nearby. Picking up the egg, it waves the item at the camera before heading just a bit into the jungle.

Q: Oh no, the poor Dragonair missed an egg!

S12: Eh, nobody's perfect.

TT: Looks like that egg has something to do with special attack. Can't tell exactly what from here, though.

MMS: Considering how fond this Marowak seems to be of Special moves, might come in handy for her.

The 'Zam Cam finds itself pointed at the Raticate from before, now attempting to make friends with the group of Marill guarding their super special secret item. It attempts to Confide in them that it needs the item in order to stop those that are attempting to make the volcano erupt again. A bit unsure of what's being said, the Marill huddle together for a moment before deciding they need proof of these statements, whatever that may mean.

TT: Well, it's further towards getting that item than anyone else has gotten.

MMS: I’d credit Raticate’s pleasant and trustworthy appearance, but the little shit looks downright scary. Perhaps it’s all the badass ninja training?

S12: Well it did just jump out of an Onix’s mouth. Lord knows I’d give pause to anything crazy enough to ride inside another Pokemon and trust not to get swallowed.

Q: We should give that Onix an exclusive interview and find out how Raticate really tastes.

S12: ...and we're back to no deaths.

Q: We will shrink the map! We'll do it! We're crazy!

MMS: Getting crazier with each passing minute, in fact. Damn, why’d you all have to kill the second Ludicolo!?

TT: Shit. I know we put those emergency supplies around here somewhere…

Orders will be due in to both myself and Snorby by 6 PM EST on Monday, May 1st. Please title your PMs as "Nickname - Gender Species - Round 14"
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