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134: You hike up the trail leading to Pele’s Shrine, chatting away at your Vullaby about your current thoughts. Pouli keeps nearby, but investigates each and every thing that catches her attention. The late morning sun shines brightly down upon the three of you, not yet hot enough to burn. The trail soon levels out, splitting into two paths. One leads further on and up, following the curve of the volcano, but the other turns inward before disappearing around a corner. The latter supposedly leads to the shrine, so that’s the one you take as Pouli bounds along beside you.

It doesn’t take long for you to reach the old shrine, the area opening up the moment you turn the corner. It looks like it might have been an old caldera that’s collapsed in on itself, centuries or millennia ago, but there’s no lake or pond like you might expect. Instead, the ground is packed earth and level. On one side, a set of stairs is carved into the side of the caldera, leading the way to a platform where a stone altar sits high above the ground. Unlit torches ring the platform and line the staircase, their tips charred as though they were only extinguished the night before.

You spend several minutes looking around before you notice that this area is oddly quiet. The typical wildlife noises that had been so prevalent on your hike up here are gone, though that could just as easily be because there isn’t really much here to support them as anything else.

Pouli pauses in her investigations, tilting her head and turning to stare at the altar. In your arms, Kauka turns to look at the altar as well, blinking and tilting her head curiously. A moment later, Pouli barks at you and runs towards the altar, circling back around to bark at you again when she notices that you haven’t moved. Kauka flaps her wings and complains at you, urging you to follow Pouli. Seems like something’s caught their attention and they want you to investigate.

Are you going to indulge their curiosity?

(Declared: Houndour, Vullaby)

It's too quiet here, Tate realizes. Sure, they're in a clearing, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't hear the distant calls of wildlife in the thickets which surround them. The hush, unnatural as it is, puts Tate on edge, which is perhaps why when Pouli blted for the altar, the trainer felt a chill.

Slowly climbing the stairs after the Houndour, Tate took notice of the burned torches, which appeared freshly extinguished. Had someone been here recently? The chill grew worse. Kauka fidgeted, but Tate Ignored the Vullaby. Reaching the landing, the naturalist watched Pouli circle the altar, sniffing fervently, and for some reason the sight was upsetting, especially when Kauka began grunting and hissing in complaint. Suddenly, instinctively no longer willing to alone in this place with only two young and untrained Pokémon, Tate reached down to the waistline of slightly sagging overalls and unclipped a Pokéball, tossing it lightly in the air. It opened in an explosion of white light, and before the ball had fallen back into her trainer's hand, Palaho had taken flight, impressive wingspan casting a shadow over the shrine. Kauka momentarily forgot about the altar at the sight of her dear sister, flapping her wings excitedly in greeting to the Mandibuzz. A moment later, however, she was urging Tate forward again, both her and Pouli insistent. Tate sighed, but felt more in control with Palaho there, and slowly approached the altar at their behest.

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