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Originally Posted by Lil'twick View Post
It seems the girls had more up their sleeve than anticipated. No matter, this wasn't terribly bad. Just his Litwick stuck in a whirlpool and his Gengar only able to use like, two moves. Worse has happened.

"You idiot you gonna just stand there?" Marie yelled, the Gengar's mood souring even more. Why was she always such a sourpuss. Whatever, he knew what he needed to do.

"Hey Marie, wanna know what the best way to relive anger is?"

"Shooting something?"

"No. Shadow Punch the Yamask three times. Let your fury consume you," Austin ordered, and he saw Marie smirk.

"Wisp, use Acid Armor to become one with the water a phase out of the Whirlpool. Cover the fish in a Smog before roasting both of them with Heat Wave!"

He could hear Wisp respond. It was a risky tactic, but no pain meant no gain, right? Besides, things were about to become... extra toasty.
"Henchy, quickly, use Protect!" Tara orders in a panic. As Marie winds up and throws her first punch, a green crystalline shield materializes around the Yamask, making the attack bounce off harmlessly. Marie doesn't care, already winding up the next. The Yamask, drained from the damage it has taken, the Fire Spin, and the strain of holding up that Protect, can do so no longer. The second Shadow Punch connects, and Marie quickly follows up with the third. The flames around the Yamask dissipate in the rain as Henchy slumps to the ground, overwhelmed and unable to continue. The black ring around Marie vaporizes as well.

Shredder, seeing this, becomes livid. Without even waiting on an order, the Carvanha lunges at Marie, clamping its jaws down on her fist with a vicious Bite attack as Aimee tries to order it to use Whirlpool. Marie flails as she tries to get the damn piranha off of her, but even then, the Carvanha only lets up of its own accord, proceeding to snap at Marie's face with another Bite.

"Shredder, stop it! Listen to me! Use Whirlpool on the Gengar already!" Aimee orders uselessly. Shredder is not intent on listening to her at all, but he does notice Wisp slip out of the Whirlpool he had set up earlier, the Ghost Type having used its Acid Armor technique to escape. Eyes glowing red with rage, the Carvanha latches onto Wisp as it did Marie, causing Wisp to cry out in pain. However, he still releases a cloud of Smog as ordered. Concentrating to get past the pain and the falling rain, Wisp summons a fiery gale of a Heat Wave, igniting the gas quite forcefully, flinging the Carvanha into nearby debris. The piranha does not rise, the force of the impact being the last straw. It looks like that's it-these Ribs weren't nearly as tough as you thought they would be. Were the tales of gang warfare only a legend, or-

"There you are, Aimee! I've been looking all over for you! The hell are you-" The source of this new voice rounds the corner Aimee had stepped out from and comes into clear view. This young lady is definitely older than the two girls you just battled, and considerably tougher looking. Sporting tunnel plugs, an undercut tied back into a messy, off-center black ponytail, and a few other ear piercings, she wears a black crop top emblazoned with a print of the skeleton of one of Fizzytopia's unique attractions, the ferocious Guillobyss, in an obvious graffiti style. The Pokémon's resemblance to a shark had made it instantly popular for merchandise, it seemed. With it, an open, spiked leather jacket and frayed denim shorts and fishnet leggings, coming down to black leather ankle boots. Various tattoos cover her skin, depicting ferocious Pokemon in intimidating battle stances. "Damnit, you even got Shredder all beaten up. Aimee, how many times have I gotta tell you you're not a proper Rib yet!? I've got enough on my damn plate without you running off to try to prove yourself all the damn time!" she says angrily, yanking the Poké Ball Aimee had from her hand and returning the Carvanha with an angry huff, Aimee not even trying to resist. It would seem this is a regular occurrence, as the older girl turns to you. "Hey. Name's Rochelle, Aimee's my kid sister. I'm guessing these two were trying to capture you, or chase you away, or whatever, to prove themselves, like the other baker's dozen attempts they’ve made this past week. Thanks for keeping them busy or whatever, but I've got real work to do. Just skedaddle on out already, save the rest of us the trouble. Please." she says, clearly exhausted, taking Aimee by the hand and turning to leave. Tara returns her Yamask and walks away, sulking.

You are victorious! Wisp grew to Level 14!

Looks like Rochelle's the real deal-you gonna go after her? Or is something else on your mind now?
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